Slow motion mind

Van Dijk / Boudewijn de Groot

The morning sun already
hurts my feelings as I awake.
Slow motion mind.
The poisened mushrooms of breakfast,
the glory of the morning
a witch's foot I find.

A time long ago I left this earth,
a long time ago I left my life behind
to wander vaguely
through the lands of sugar sweet
and another come today.

Black is the coffee
that would turn my stomach
and the paper reads of yesteryear.
The laughing morning
already sends a message
of long lost lovers and long lost friends.

Well a kingbee stung me twice today
it speeds my spirit just to save my breath,
to say goodbye someday. Alright.

Alright yeah, join it.

Verzamel album 1996 : Wonderkind aan het strand (4 cd)

Verzamel album 2018 : Boudewijn de Groot The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music