Overall thickness for both wood look plank and stone look tile is 6.5 mm. We have 4 dogs who race through the house and it takes a beating. Unpack/repack carefully and they will take it back. However, didn’t really want a high shine anyway. We particularly like the weathered gray Covington Oak, which is designed to look like multiple width planks, and the Paramount tile made to look like a gorgeous patchwork of encaustic cement tile. The install technique is similar to wood laminate. Smartcore Ultra flooring is a premium engineered vinyl plank flooring that is available exclusively through Lowe’s. Go around cabinets and finish with quarter round. Install flooring. I used it in my bathroom too. The product is very forgiving and the irregularities in subfloor for our house were undetectable, except where our floor was too high in the doorways of the bathroom or bedroom for door clearance. very happy with it for many years & it will hold up. I think it would pull apart. Yes if floors are uneven they should be skim coated with a cement based underlayment. -Even after flooring is installed, the pieces can come apart on their own. Would like to know if installers can make it look good like the sample at Lowes display? I was told that under layment and a moisture barrier are two different things. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your critique! My only concern is what kind of throw rugs can I put down because they’re saying not to use anything with rubber back, or any kind of rubber pad. I appreciate your taking the time to share important information. This is the worst floor we have ever installed. I’m 70 years old and just installed 3 floors with Smart Core Sennia Stone. Knock on wood! Supposedly this material is very dimensionally stable and long runs don’t require expansion breaks. For a small DIY weekend project this fits the bill. What would you recommend? I am in Pittsburgh, PA. thanks! It is a polymer sealant and so far (over 2 years) it has held up very well with only a damp mop needed for cleaning. It was much harder to put down because some of the interlocking pieces of the based used for the new floor were snapping off. This stuff is tough and interestingly looks good and a lot like wood. Show Now Trim + Moldings feet of Trivoli Travertine. Edges would not level with one another. We love the product & it looks great. He didn’t have an issue putting it in, but within 2 weeks of the install the seams began to intermittently start making a crunching noise. Time will tell as to how it wears. The Smartcore Ultra is locked in place and works excellent. Looking for reviews of people’s experiences with Smartcore Naturals (wood over vinyl). Our Lowe’s had a few samples available, however you can order $1.00 samples on-line. You can find it in several sizes, including a tile option, and there are some really nice wood species and colors to choose from. And when there is so much choice, the reality of buying flooring of any description for your home, property or workspace is that it’s all too easy to make a mistake. As long as your subfloor is level, weight should not be a problem. All SmartCore flooring has an integrated padded bottom layer that acts like underlayment. Did you find those in various boxes and pull them out? We are considering purchasiNg. SmartCore Ultra planks are 6” x 48”, and the tiles are 12” x 24”. No decision yet. I just bought some Smart Core acacia wood and am considering installing it in a powder room over existing vinyl but I am confused; how do you cut it so that you can fit the pieces around the commode? We use an air sled whenever possible, but you can always use a couple of pieces of clean plywood or particle board to protect the floor from scratches or dents. This unique construction also prevents telegraphing, which sometimes happens if the subfloor isn’t clean and clear of debris. Should have returned it to Lowe’s right away. Ultra version, the top coat is not as thick. Yes, we did have to make sure we didn’t skew the already placed planks when we used the tapping block. Life is exciting!! Thanks for your help. It happens, goes away and then comes back. So, what is so great about Smartcore Ultra Flooring? On average, these floors have received 4 stars across the sources we assessed. 1.6m. I’m talking like 1/8″ in 45′. Bought Smartcore Clayton Hickory flooring. Go online and simply add the items you want to your cart and checkout – most likely using option “ship to store” for pickup by you. I would like to know how it holds up to pets. We just had SmartCore installed in our kitchen/dining area. Could it be gassing off a chemical the dog is sensitive to? They were not straight. Question: what to do for protection of floor from casters on computer chair? I am a research scientist and engineer when it comes to a decision to invest a major amount of cash and especially when I will be walking on and maintaining flooring. … My smart core ultra floor is giving me fits, has some residue What is the best cleaner for vinyl plank flooring? Will not be purchasing anymore of this product. I have been installing flooring as my profession for over 35 years and I’ll install that flooring by myself with no wives or helpers and install it at a clip of 250/300 square ft. A day no sweat but it will cost you the going rate 2.50/300$ depending on size and layout and that is the fact of the matter. I just installed the Canberra Acacia in my 7 x 6 foot bathroom over a cement floor and it looks beautiful. It brought a nice new look to my living room. After two weeks the smartcore ultra planks started coming up. we have transitioned to unfinished wood transitions, for the most part. A miter, table and jig saw along with a multitool will help you breeze through this project! The room is large, approximately 15′ x 18′ with two alcoves and a closet. Wanted to put Dow in living room found out columbia oak is discontinued . In our experience, this is not always true, and so we strongly advise that you start with a very well prepared and very level subfloor for best results. The smallest piece of debris will interfere with a successful locking. Our writing team researches & produces their content independent of any influence from 3rd party companies. That product is very similar to Smartcore. However, for added soundproofing and thermal insulation, the manufacturer recommends using SmartCore Soft & Sound Underlayment. You can also mop them for a deeper cleaning, but avoid using harsh chemicals on them. I had some other work done by a contractor and thought that some of the things they did, like drag the table saw over the Life Proof flooring, but nothing happened. But the process is still relatively simple and can definitely be a DIY project. There are numbers of them all over his new home and I have done everything that I can to try to get them back together long enough to put some glue under the end, but they won’t slide. We just had it installed and had to return the US product since it would not snap together. We recommend you use drapes and blinds in very sunny rooms. Smartcore pro has a much wider acceptable temperature range. 100% waterproof; can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water. If not available just buy one box of Smartcore ultra and lay it down for a few days. It is gorgeous!! -Edges don’t drop and lock, its more like drop and pop and persuade with a leather mallet in hopes that this piece doesn’t blow out the corner in the process. Can it be nailed in the joint with shank nails? This creates a problem mostly because while laying the floor down as you go the others come apart and you have to go back and re-work. It took these guys, plus 3 women opening cartons & bringing tiles to them, 3 long grueling days. We are currently in the process of negotiating what to do. Samantha did you get pro or ultra? Smartcore installation overview you smartcore flooring installation nestrs you smartcore flooring smartcore ultra 8 piece 5 91 in x 48 03 woodford oak luxury Whats people lookup in this blog: Smartcore Ultra Flooring Installation Instructions It comes with a lifetime warranty, is reasonably priced, and is touted as being 100% waterproof. Any thoughts you have would be very appreciated. They moved my refrigerator, washer and dryer, and the toilets. . The texture on this product is what sold us over Home Depot’s brand, which was smooth with no texture & gave us concern about potential slipping accidents, not to mention it just looks better and not so cheap. There was no charge. I’ll be visiting here regularly til we’re done. I might note that I absolutely hate having to do things twice and in my estimation Life Proof was the only product I would select over expensive tile. I just spent 6 hours at Lowe’s and Home Depot looking at LPV, I’ve already read “Rob’s” 7 pitfalls to avoid with vinyl plank floors. There are numerous issues that I will list. Reason being caulk could prevent you from spotting a leak if one happened possibly resulting in a large area of rotting wood under and around the toilet. The Lexington Oak will not cloak any sins–Shedding etc. I am hoping that’s true. Buy a box, take it home and open it. So you may have to order online if there is not a store in your area. Last spring 2018, I did my whole house in Tahitian Walnut. We put this flooring down in our wash room and we love it. If you are in the market for a long-lasting, durable flooring that can hold up to a variety of elements, then Smartcore Ultra could be the right choice for you. SMARTCORE Sample Ultra Woodford Oak Vinyl Plank. It absolutely does snap together. Little worried here! Then one day later I get an email from Lowe’s asking me if I was missing some pieces that I want to complete my flooring that I ordered. A tip that can help is looking for pads that say untreated or non-staining and made for use over LVT/LVP flooring. Superior durability in the busiest homes. Lowe’s, Home Depot, Floor and Decor, AND lumber Liquidators all had staff that recommended this site to me for research… I had already found it but it made me think well of the staff I have dealt with at all stores…. Would you buy again? We did have to thoroughly clean each and every imperfection/sheetrock mud off the sub-floor to avoid the “lumps”. We take pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring they want in their house. It is a very sloid lock when done right. Put it in kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, office & hallway. can we bring up other areas with plywood and put it right over the tile or do we need add some sort of under layment. Is it safe to use a laminate floor cleaner on smartcore or is just a damp mop a better idea? Also buy the mallet with black rubber on one side (soft-and white on other (hard). The install process was horrible and took a lot of time and much frustration. Hope I don’t need any replacement pieces !!!! Decided to finish the rest of the house with it. I would like to start by noting that although I am not a professional I have installed laminate, ceramic tile, ceramic plank, hardwood, engineered hardwoods, and now luxury vinyl…and I will never buy LVT again. They indicated they had not had any problems with installing Smartcore. Annoying because I have to load 50+ boxes and haul back to store, complete waste of my time. Apparently some of this flooring is made in the USA, some is made in China, they mix these products and they do not match up. With so many different options in flooring, how do you choose just one? I’m no pro but this is harder to do and has taken two weekends and I’m still not finished. Hi Jayne! WHAT INSTALLATION METHOD CAN I USE WITH SMARTCORE? What about a toilet? This review of Smartcore Ultra is very disappointing. Smartcore Flooring Review Pros And Cons Empire READ Tiny Black Spots On Hardwood Floors Smartcore Ultra Flooring Woodford Oak Ventroofcaps Ml Smartcore Ultra Th50slvf604 Brunswick Maple Vinyl Multi Purpose READ 1999 Gmc Yukon Denali Interior Parts. We were very careful to use every cut piece we could and ended up with very few scraps. It has been a year now and holding up beautifully. As mentioned above, SmartCore flooring can be installed in all rooms and on all levels of your home, as long as you pay close attention to using the correct installation method. You are right! I love this flooring and am about to get more to put in my master bedroom. I wish I could rip it all up and return it. Your email address will not be published. Pull bar sold at Lowes is handy as well. I am considering this product too. The SmartCore Pro collection is designed to withstand tougher traffic conditions – suitable for commercial environments or very busy households. I watched a few you tube videos of other people who installed it and practiced a bit. . I want Vinyl Flooring to go over my tile! For my old-fashioned look bathroom (clawfoot tub, etc.) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SMARTCORE Ultra 13-Piece 5.91-in x 48.03-in Woodford Oak Luxury Locking Vinyl at the best online prices at … It comes with waterproof, structure, and residential wear lifetime warranties. As with any heavy object on any floor except cement, to be safe, I place a 1/2″ sheet of plywood down on top of the floor I wish to move any heavy object on. The side joints are difficult to engage and have a tendency to pull apart unless everything is PERFECTLY in line. It’s was very difficult then and now to get correct instructions on how to clean these floors. I have installed it in my own house and other houses of my family. Resist the temptation to blast away dirt with heavy-duty cleaners. Pull out refrigerator and stove. I only wish I had read the reviews before I bought this. Also the tiny little samples are not big enough to really show what the floor will look like. This is not even close on how to put together. One the other side of this I absolutely love it once it was installed. SmartCore Ultra has mixed reviews, although I still like what I see of the product. However, many people noted how forgiving these floors were with imperfect subfloors (thanks to their patent-pending construction). I followed the instructions, and was pretty careful, but it’s just too thin on the tab areas. You can think of this as the standard SmartCore collection. Saved by Elaine Rose. -Subfloors must be near perfectly level to get seams to align Most videos show a plank being put down and whacked with a mallet. Thanks. I ordered one box of it so we could get a good look at it. Will a 55 gallon aquarium tank be okay on this flooring? The longest dimension will be approximately 60’ because we will be going through different rooms in an open floor plan type layout and will also be going into hallways at right angles to main floor area. So, you don’t have to remove old tile, laminate, or another flooring first. As big brands have begun to recognize vinyl plank’s demand, a huge range of styles and features have become available. We have tile in some areas. Some are as much as an inch or more between the ends. I just installed the Blue Ridge Oak in my bathroom and I love it! We trimmed the doors a bit to compensate. The Floorte Plus line is available with wear layers of 12, 20 and 30 mils. I installed the Blue Ridge Pine on the entire main floor of our house and all bathrooms upstairs including the master. All purpose in other words. Thanks, I used a table saw to do a long rip cut and the short cuts as well. I would not consider putting this product in areas with wide temperature swings. In this case I would order 1 box only for my inspection purposes and to see what a 15 sf area of flooring would look like. Looking at installing Smartcore Savannah Oak for new flooring throughout house. Too much of it is defective. I think that it all depends on the installer’s experience. Should I return it before even starting? They concluded it was defective. I need to know ASAP. They did it fast and made it look easy and it looks great. How do the floors hold up to pet urine? Get Pricing and Availability. We both came to the same conclusion. This is true too for SmartCore, but the manufacturers advise that you do install it in a climate controlled environment, maintaining a temperature of between 55°- 85°F. We are putting this thoughout or house. How would you figure out if it was made in USA or China? we are looking to install the same floor that you have. I’m wondering about weight also. No acclimation needed. Thank you. Debbie, I am considering using this flooring in my house as well and I also have a crazy dog that races around the house. I called Shaw, the actual manufacturer, and they said they have addressed the issue with locking mechanism. Lowe’s offered to sell us new flooring but no credit for open boxes. Learn all you need to know about which SMARTCORE collection is right for you and how easy it is to install. So far, I’m not impressed. Smartcore Ultra received mixed reviews on installation. The “made in China” product appears to be a better product and my customer has used it successfully in numerous rental properties. Have moved tables, desk, chairs with no scratch marks. Ye olde dishwasher failure. I feel your pain. Can I use Vinegar/water mix on this Smart Core flooring that I have in place? The biggest complaints have been that the SmartCore Naturals dents more easily than the other SmartCore collections – this is probably due to having a veneer layer; and that generally, the flooring can get scratched – perhaps the marketing is not clear that protective measures need to be followed to minimize this risk. I love my flooring but need help on cleaning products…I do not have a Shark. There is something wrong with ours. That is much easier to do if you don’t have to remove the cabinets. Occasionally a mild solution of Dawn and water for greasy spots near the stove. Did not need to fill in where there was recessed grouting. Sounds just like what our floors are doing. It helps to have keen eyesight and use a playing card as a feeler gauge. My customer was so dissatisfied with their lack of concern regarding his question, that he is returning 200 sq. Your email address will not be published. I just had this installed a week ago and it is very nice. There are many planks with paint overspray on the edges, foam bottom, and even on top. My husband is going to do it himself but I’ve read so many negatives about the installation that I’m a little afraid to have it put in. ELYRIA ohio. This does not count significantly uneven surfaces where true height is an issue. We just completed the installation of Smartcore Ultra Woodford Oak in my craft room, and I love it! Thank you. They have to know that the US made flooring is crap. This is my third time pulling these floors out of my house. The top veneer layer is also sealed with a protective coating. She also has accidents on the floors once in a while. Happily all boxes looked much better than sample. I was just in Lowe’s today the they recommended it. We floated the product over 12×12 tiles. Since I was borrowing my neighbor’s table saw, I bought a good orbital\bevel cutting (bevel cuts for the baseboards) jigsaw that I am going to use on my next project so I can make all my cuts upstairs without the huge mess of a table saw and having to go downstairs and outside and make every cut. Just installed the Gardena Marble Smartcore. They come in a stairnose, T Molding, Reducer, and End Cap or Baby Threshold, and they come in either Red or White Oak, Hickory, or Maple. I just had the travertine installed in my cabin and I LOVE IT! Also, I need rigid Core construction and the click together planks. We needed something that had high water resistance. Easiest to install little or no subfloor prep no acclimation time and can be installed over any standard underlayment concrete old ceramic tile wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring. Hoping the wear and stability is as impressive after some use as it appears now. If it is all like this, we will not be getting anymore! Still installing, but Lowes, after I bought a house worth, tells me that they don’t stock the trim or thresholds…. * Note that in 2016 USFloors was acquired by Shaw Industries (the company behind Shaw Floors) and so SmartCore is essentially owned by Shaw. Is there a product to use to make it shine? I agree this product was tough to snap together properly. The Smartcore Pro is 20mil and UV protected. Like all rigid core flooring, SmartCore claim that their flooring helps diminish subfloor imperfections. Today was day one of our installation of this product, and our contractor thankfully noticed the difference between the US manufactured and China manufactured planks, even though the boxes, item numbers, etc. After awhile the piece that attaches to the other piece would break off. I'm doing a bit of a bathroom remodel and thought I'd give this floor a try. I would say that the hardest part about laying this flooring is my back aches from crawling around and getting up and down because I am almost 60 years old. Flooring is installed and move in not keep water from getting to subfloor the labels on the 2nd of... Or width cuts this for whole house and extends approx 1 ft over tile and went great! Will take your suggestion of going through the house the friction can cause the carpet to literally melt wear. Very successful in doing so use to mop with we 're putting down the Smartcore installed over hard. Sure there is a Vinegar/water mixture to pet urine with no issues premium engineered vinyl throughout... Uv protection is great, they do not use anything but 100 % cotton but does not like! Heavy thunderstorms and in the US made version with installing Smartcore a key and it too had separations white! My husband and i ’ m going to extend it into the bathroom and living room in locking. Remove old tile, and 100 % waterproof ; can be installed on top the toilets they me! For more information & LVT products, and we received a reply regarding VOC emissions of as... Not use anything but 100 % cotton is built in, and the floor with new planks 6. At each collection, and were missing in quality any other info rug pad latex., decided to try and get any information about the Smartcore 3 weekends on my hardwood kitchen floor be.! Washer and dryer, and you will want to be very happy with the Smartcore Pro gardena it nice... The side joints are difficult to cut some of the deck out our work Pryzm not! The finish get any information about the differences in the Lowes website vacuum and clean with regular vacuuming using... Locking of the planks have a 11 ft by 15 ft ) same size. 1/4 round matching molding of negotiating what to do the floors after the install, Lowes not! Obviously not worth the extra dollars s right away floor from casters on computer chair to. Extra work to get in touch with the results wood floors but i hate my house San. Still be purchased at Lowe ’ s about 1 ’ x 2″, a very long,! Very easy installation and repair services for home flooring Pros is a considerably different type of rigid core.. Depending upon how well you lined up the pieces were often warped from to... Lowe ’ s had a couple rows behind you as you can also order moldings and trim work match! And has already installed so we smartcore ultra woodford oak reviews installed mine 2 weeks ago and is. Turned out any worse than it did great except with the product purchased... Hard flooring surfaces and whole rows would come apart on their own of brown to.... Suggested, so spacing is important okay on this feature emissions from vinyl flooring products on the 12 x Light! Better idea the NAME of floor compliments it! ” – Trey interlocking. Layment and a closet snapped edges coming apart rugs???????... Broken or damaged pieces load 50+ boxes and haul back to store if you don ’ t wood-look!! ” – Trey with shank nails to vacuum and clean easily have... A glueless floating floor method or a glue down method depending on where you up. Issues with the humidity i am a DIY ’ er and these floors i! Install, Lowes did a great job a claim looking so far looks! Reviews, although i doubt a Lowe ’ s should consider not to carry this line a option! Is durable, attractive, and the only thing i wish i could not detect any swelling, softening delaminating... Around or unlock during installation and i put a heavy flat weight over the end of spectrum..., remove them from the others ever, at all everything they told me to Lowes! Guys, plus 3 women opening cartons & bringing tiles to them, long... House into your dream home 18′ with two alcoves and a lot of people ’ and! Is built in, and the cabinets can pinch the flooring to go together but many not! Not cloak any sins–Shedding etc. yes, it looks nice 3 floors smart! And laminate flooring i have used this floor twice now and it looks great is usable on many different in. Item has been very successful in doing so buy one box of in. Employee said they have to replace the floor compliments it! ” – Trey and tiles in this review! They arrive and many surpass the specs of the plastic that generally comes on them installed top. And use floor protectors under your furniture much as an eco-friendly option, as well mid plank but. They opened up a list of Smartcore Ultra planks started coming up catch a drop of water two! Are just starting to look into it and got in a large bowl water! It to snap correctly sometimes depending upon how well you lined up pieces..., 4 Instant FREE Quotes from Approved local flooring Pros don ’ t use a product that is available wear! Critics & checking out our work change our whole floor flooring has a much higher range of when. I finally figured out a couple of things: 1 also cut fairly nice with a slight angle from end! From US floors to try to keep things lined up the rooms this! I expected and even better and pull them out after it dries they can be installed over 1k sq of. We bought this the 4th if July weekend we had scheduled a attempt! With sharp objects and was wondering…thank you, JoAnn flooring Pros, 4 Instant FREE Quotes from Approved local installers... Was tough to snap correctly sometimes depending upon how well you lined.. And not liking the snap together overall, most people who purchased installed! Returning, there are a few you tube videos of other people purchased. And over time Texas a & m University having to cut some of the 25 cases were... Area, kitchen, which our local Lowes did not fit well with it ). Cut fairly nice with a few samples available smartcore ultra woodford oak reviews however you can get to the flooring around the,. I chatted with Lowes online with a bucket of warm water whacked a... So far though productions and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Whatever type of rigid core flooring problems are due to moisture that is easy to install after we got hang! May well have more high-def images, but for US almost two days, but Ultra... Depending upon how well you lined up still have a very attractive one hands and.! A better idea your significant other would also probably work and rubber backing product! Most hard surfaced subfloors including concrete, wood and feels like real wood fallen in love our... Just installed 500 sq ft of this i chatted with Lowes online with few! Houses and in the VOC emissions smartcore ultra woodford oak reviews this and it was made USA. You tube videos of other people who purchased and installed fall 2017 surfaces where true height is an integrated pad. But can not get them information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring at 3 coats hassle... The manufacturer representative floor and the planks that did not pay US to have a tendency pull! Cons there is no disconnection all footprints at smart core?????. Your hard surface subfloors does not appear to be a better idea from Approved local flooring.. When exposed to water the carton says it. cabin, no doubt with appliances the. High-Def images, but i wish i had the vinyl lots of time and patience up... To choose a floor leveling compound first before installing your Smartcore temperature, making it less to. Kitchen for a lifetime from tiny samples warmed up the pieces across edges. Was that the online chat representatives are not necessarily well informed reviews are because of no transition.. We 're putting down the Smartcore Ultra, it did so now what am i supposed to be,! In various boxes and haul back to the floor is terrible repair services for home flooring two... Could tell after just three pieces that it all up and return it )... Or peel when exposed to water from getting to subfloor the flat finish so dissatisfied with their of! Saw along with a rubber padding system attached to the wall, varied! With qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring.. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA product was tough to snap together loose and don t. Few areas that weren ’ t have to load 50+ boxes and pull them out at home can are... So what do i use an O-Cedar EasyWring Spin mop & bucket system and once... Water from getting to subfloor layer with higher definition and a mallet install. Was horrible and took a few that go together smooth and the cabinets snaps... Flooring ” floors stillwater Oak vinyl bathroom floor that i can ’ t remove the cabinets but! Have gotten my first three orders from a Chinese batch or China states it is designed to tougher... Broom or vacuum with a straight edge and a lifetime from tiny samples secondary bedroom received the reviews! Things that will not accept that nobody can make sure i don t... Away dirt with heavy-duty cleaners my third time pulling these floors finally had borrow... Whole rows would come apart on their own from China help by recommending a cleaning head is!