Bern was a neat town to end the tour at.". We really like the balance of tour time and on your own time. Sleep in Lausanne. "So many to choose. Even though it is expensive, it is SOOO worth it! Her expertise and professionalism sets the standard very, very high. The itinerary provided a great glimpse into the heart of Switzerland. Our breakfast at Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn was a true "Wow" moment. Post questions and answers about travel in Switzerland. "So many parts were excellent. The way it has been done for 100 years!". Skip Zermatt - very touristy and crowded, and time wasted trying to see the Matterhorn, although bad weather prevented that. We took so many "Christmas card" photos. Next was the view of Schilthorn peak from my room in Murren. They're absolutely state-of-the-art, and experiencing them is unforgettable. Pilatus in Lucerne, the view from the winery in Lausanne, the avalanche in the rain in Murren - incredible photos.". Free Shipping. Martin was very helpful in describing possible hiking routes, such as the one I mentioned, but also in other areas, too.". Our day begins with a gondola lift to the peak of nearby Ebenalp. I could have stayed there for weeks. The peaks becoming snow capped while we were there. This is our fourth Rick Steves tour, and the previous three met out considerable expectations. ... ©2020 Rick Steves… great hotel locations I didn't know there were true regions in the country & it was obvious as we moved through Switzerland. The boat excursion with making dinner was a real treat[INVALID]and a perfect opportunity to get to know others on the tour. Driving into Lauterbrunnen I was so glad to be back as it is truly breathtaking. I had considered planning and doing Switzerland on my own with my husband, but the travel was looking complicated (trains, gondolas, cable cars, cogwheels, and some places wishing for a rental car). Matterhorn view and the mountain experience in general". Sleep in Mürren. So this would be a second wow for me.". Switzerland Tours. We had a great group of travelers, as people were friendly and willing to share other vacation experiences. Jungfrau. The hotel and the bus were clean, comfortable, and well kept. The alpine cheese-making farm with a tasting, alpine horn, accordion and yodeling. Unbeleivable experience!". Donald and Kevin did an outstanding job shepherding the large group through the absolute beauty of the Swiss countryside. Very well paced, excellent [INVALID]ion of diverse places in Switzerland, a very upbeat group of travelers and an excellent guide. Excellent weather prevailed throughout the trip allowing us to view the spectacular scenery. I expected the beautiful scenery and clean environment but was surprised by the unexpected from the Trummelbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen to just drinking the clean and pure Swiss water from the tap. Also the local guides really brought things to life. It was a very active tour, with many days of walking 5-10 miles. I recommend flying in a few days ahead to get acclimated and staying a few extra days to decompress. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Shilthorn because of weather (not much you can do about that)and I think that might have been the highlight of the trip, but maybe next time. To celebrate the season, I'm sharing clips, extras and behind-the-scenes notes from Rick Steves' European Christmas. "Wow" moments included the federation day festivities in Engleberg and the organ concert; a swim and Lunch on the olive walk on the shore of Lake Lugano, Murren, my new 'happy place'; the vineyard tour/wine tasting and the risotto making activity. The charm factor was off the charts for this place!". Especially liked our local guide in Bern. We had a great traveling group and a lot of fun at our cooking class on Lake Lugano then sitting outside and enjoying our meal afterwards. Our Guide was outstanding (Maisie) as well as our driver Marion. Not too much time in the bus. Our Guide Donald White and Bus Driver Rolf did a wonderful job getting us around the country in comfort! "Every day had several "wow" moments, but the biggest WOW was the picture perfect weather at Matterhorn. This is my second Rick Steves tour and was exactly what I planned for. Over time, its residents learned it was easier to milk the tourists than the goats, and mountain tourism became the focus. It's time to take a vacation from your vacation, on the sunny side of the Alps! Sleep in Luzern. You can review Rick Steves Switzerland Best Printable 2020 ebooks you wanted like Rick Steves Switzerland Best Printable 2020 in basic step and also you can save Rick Steves Switzerland Best Printable 2020 now. Our bus driver was great as well. Sleep in Mürren. We'll stop at the once-secret Swiss Army bunker at Fortress Fürigen, where we'll see part of the massive defense system designed to keep Switzerland strong and neutral. In fact, we thought we had exaggerated the beauty of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in our minds, but as soon as we saw it again, we realized it was just a stunning as we had remembered!". He was fabulous! I loved visiting the Olympic museum in Lausanne and could have spent the better part of a day there.". Various types of activities and good balance of group activities/free time. As always, the tour was well organized with a variety of attractions. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. Such a beautiful, authentic scene. The tour itinerary was a very good mix of city and mountains, group time and free time. I'm grateful for our luck & your foresight. There was the water in every form: lakes, drinking water fountains, waterfalls, glaciers, humidity in the WWII bunker. Our guide, Martin, was excellent, in every way! Sleep in Lugano. This was an amazing tour! "The first "wow" moment happened on our first tour of Luzern with guest tour guide "Claudia" whose freshness, sense of humor and her honest depiction of Swiss history and culture delighted me. Excellent tour guide. Thank goodness Maisie was able to translate for us and we learned so much about the cheese-making process, cows and their lives and the lives of these lovely people and we got to hear them blow the alpine horn. Create custom playlists with more than 400 educational clips featuring the best of European history, art, culture, and experiences (plus topics beyond Europe) . What a special treat to be able to tour Switzerland as it's beauty is breathtaking. ), "There are MANY "wow" moments on this tour, especially those dealing with views of the Swiss Alps. ", "Murrin Rick Steves’ European Christmas – Monday, December 7 at 9:30 pm. In keeping with the perspective of his famous and well read guide books, the Rick Steves travel style is about having fun, steeping yourself in rich history, and relishing in good food and wine. Hotels were downtown, close to sites, provided great breakfasts, and views. The majesty of the mountains; the history of their cities; the beautiful lakes and rivers; the cool, refreshing water to drink; the efficiency of Swiss trains as opposed to stores that close for lunchtimes; gelato in Bellinzona; cheese fondue in Mürren; fresh peaches at the market in Lucerne; and of course delicious Swiss chocolate! Too bad it rained so much, but Donald was very savvy in making adjustments and proposing alternatives. Rick Steves' Travel Guide | Join Rick as he explores the most surprising and fascinating land he's ever visited: Iran. ksps 7.3 Create 12/12 02:00: Switzerland draws travelers from around the world for its legendary mountains. Even though we had some periods of bad weather, it still was a great trip! "Alpine meadow dairy/cheese making tour. Rick Steves Switzerland tours provide the best value for your trip to Europe. I was also hoping to see the Matterhorn and we had a glorious sunny day. Afterward, we'll continue our drive through the Swiss countryside to our picturesque home for the night. "Funny how some things work out. Amazing tour with the right amount of balance between free time and scheduled events. Lovely cruises on the lakes: Luzern, Lugano and Geneva. I wanted mountians and I got them. The tour guide was great. In my opinion we could have skipped the Fortress Fürigen part of the trip, the trip to Zermatt and the Matterhorn,and headed straight to Murren. So our group became cohesive. Zürich is a 90-minute train ride to Luzern (where the tour begins) and a 75-minute train ride from Bern (where the tour ends). "Visit to monastery with a bebedictine monk as a guide. Overall, the tour was a wonderful experience with many new adventures every day. I read some reviews and there was some conversation centered around the cost of the tour and if you could do it cheaper. The weather in Murren wasn't anything that could be controlled and I was really pleased that the next day was perfect.". "Taking the gondola ride into Murren and seeing the Alps rise above you was my wow moment. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. The sequence of cities/towns seemed right and well chosen. You'll have time to savor the 360-degree alpine view and perhaps head downhill to see the 400-year-old Wildkirchli cave church (hermit monks lived and worshipped here from 1658 to 1853) and a guesthouse built precariously into the cliff. It was certainly a "wow" moment.". He managed to keep everything moving smoothly despite the heat and provided very interesting commentary on what life is like for the Swiss. (See more comments on him below.) The precision of the transportation system was awe inspiring. Join Rick Steves for a colorful, musical celebration of Christmas across Europe. But just edging out the group dinner in Lugano and the hike though the Engelberg Valley was the moment in Murren when the clouds parted after a foggy morning and all at once above us appeared the snowcapped peaks of the Eiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau. I am concerned that my comments will be "excerpted" to minimize my concerns. Morcote was a "wow" also.". This afternoon's destination is the dolce vita lakeside city of Lugano. The scenery was fantastic and the mix of small cities and villages was just what I wanted. The real unexpected WOW moment was learning about the history, politics and culture of such a small country. There couldn't be a better time to book travel for the year ahead. They spoke so highly of the plethoras of adventures had on each tour, and seeing their dedication to all things Rick Steves caused me to take the trip with a different lens, one of appreciation and commitment to all the places we visited.". "There were many "wow" moments on this trip, it is hard to narrow it to just one. The cheese alp was spectacular and a very authentic experience. The members of our tour could not have been nicer and we believe that we have become acquainted with a number of life long friends. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. Best of Germany Guidebook. ksps 7.3 Create 12/12 02:00: Switzerland draws travelers from around the world for its legendary mountains. Switzerland draws travelers from around the world for its legendary mountains. Our stress-free Switzerland vacations package together small groups, great guides, central hotels, all sightseeing — and memories to last a lifetime. Plus you'll get all this, too. It's an essential part of the Rick Steves tour experience. In fact, rain and clouds prevented us from seeing any of the big peaks, but I knew that might happen, so am OK with it. The hotels were clean and ideally located in each town, the group dinners were fun because we were enjoying local cuisine. I loved this tour! Most of the local guides were also great. "Switzerland is wonderful, varied and historic, but crowded! "I had many wow moments; the hike down from Mount Titlis tested my stamina but was so stimulating, it left me wanting for more. Within all this beauty, the charming city and hospitable people of Lucerne remain a great memory, as do our 26 tour mates. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. This is Day 20 of my “100 Days in Europe” series. "Cheese making and the Matterhorn! Visit to WW2 Fortress Furingen. Bus: 1 hour. Loved it! Apr 13, 2020 - WHRO and Rick Steve's Europe. The scenery has to be the answer. The Wow factor for this particular tour was that our guide who, on several occasions, got us together for photos of the whole group. This is one of the better ones. Switzerland. I nearly wept. Overall, I enjoyed most of the tour. ", Tour guides were excellent! Beautiful Italian village of Morcote. Titlus and the Schilthorn all cloud free!". It was like visiting three different countries in one. I also loved Schilthorn Piz Gloria and the Champagne breakfast. Much prettier than Gandria. We were incredibly fortunate with weather: clear skies at Titlis, Matterhorn, Murren, at the farm, Lake Lugano...amazing to see it all. Any time between May and September is a good time to visit Switzerland. We really enjoyed this tour. I enjoyed the variety of activities - we experienced every season from Summer to Winter and in between. absolutely no complaints and have bragged about the Rick Steves' tour system to all of our friends. Outstandng tour guide + same in each city. "I had two moments. Going up to the Schilthorn for breakfast in the revolving restaurant with incredible views of the snowy peaks was also amazing! Based upon the locations to be visited, I had high expectations that this would be the perfect itinerary for touring Switzerland, and the trip itself exceeded my expectations. From the Matterhorn to the Jungfrau to Appenzell, we savor both the country's jaw-dropping alpine beauty and the rich and resilient culture of its people. For an exhilirating start to our day, we'll take a gondola ride up to the top of the 10,000-foot Schilthorn and enjoy breakfast together with a view of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks. Aside from the stone quarries that you might notice on the way into town, tourism is Zermatt's only industry. The cheese making was truly authentic and delicious and seemed to be a hit with our group. Enjoying the hike up to be able to see the Matterhorn come out from behind the clouds was definitely a wow. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. The calmness and serenity of the mountains and little places we visited. Join Rick as he experiences the local culture, cuisine, and fun along with some powerful lessons that only travel can … It was fun to learn a few words in Swiss German, Italian and French, even tho I sometimes got my greetings mixed up. Great tour, great guide, great tour mates, and the scenery was beautiful. A few times we had the opportunity to talk with a local and it was surprising to me how many languages they speak and how much they know about US politics - I caught an ear full about Trump. Titlus and the walk around Trobsee Lake.". "I loved all aspects of the alpine cheese-making. "I loved Mürren even though the weather was rainy and cloudy and we could only see glimpses of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. "The boat ride to Chillon, first class was good due to the crowd onboard, A wonderful experience! The scenery was beyond gorgeous and we had a super friendly group of travelers. We toured a working farm and saw how cheese is made, sampled it, and were serenaded with "alpen horn," accordion, and yodeling! This was our second Rick Steve's tour and the experience was awesome. Is there a more beautiful place on earth?". 2021 I thought cooking our own dinner would suck, but the boat ride, the grotto, the risotto, the wine, the esprit de corps.....very fun.". We enjoy coming to Europe for at least 30 days and always include a Rick Steve's Tour in our plans. "There were so many I can't pick just one! We'll begin our day with a walking tour of Luzern, learning how a backwater fishing village grew to become a bustling center of trade in medieval times and one of Europe's must-see destinations on the "Grand Tour" a century ago. The trip was perfectly balanced between group activities and time on our own. Calm, organized, professional, funny and extremely knowledgeable. On the other hand, as I look back on it, the main reason those days were so rushed was that the weather was near perfect. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. Sleep in Lugano. I could have spent the rest of the trip there, but would have missed the other great things that were ahead. We loved our breakfast at the Schilthorn and walking out on the viewing platform. (She was especially helpful to me with retrieving a forgotten overnight bag from our fancy bus and with helping with train tickets. "Our WOW moment was the gondola ride up to Mt. It was chosen because of scheduling. We had an excellent guide who handled all the possible snafus with efficiency and confidence. I couldn't stop taking pictures. Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. I decided on this trip because the Scotland tour was full when I was ready to book. Excellent tour guide. "The views of the mountains in Zermatt and Murren and the countryside. Nobody's fault. This morning we'll leave Luzern and make our way to Switzerland's "cowbell country" — Appenzell. This WOW moment was repeated on the ascent of Mt. It was incredibly peaceful on the lakes, and mystically moody because of the rain in the mountains. I generally give Rick's European guides 5 stars, but this one only gets 4 because it had absolutely nothing for Basel, a city in which I had a whole day to spend. Early fall also works, as most lifts and trails remain open until the snow returns. eBooks; eAudiobooks; Digital Video & Music; Digital Magazines; Articles & Online Research. tour and the weather was good but this time it was excellent. Titlus - and luckily experiencing Switzerland's 'independence day' festivities while in Engelberg.". Swiss food.". I loved getting to meet other travelers from around the US who love to explore and travel. by Rick Steves | Jul 7, 2020. My favorite memory! ", "Top of the Alps with James Bond setting". Great tour! Hiking with cows at the midpoint of Mt Titlis. I especially enjoyed the boat rides, the cooking lesson, the wine tasting, and the visit to the cheese farm. Our tour guide Yorick facilitated, translated, and put it all in prespective, from the Roman ruins to Olympics to the present. The several boat trips were also very good.". Switzerland is a truly stunning country. Rick Steves Travel Style. (photo credit: Rick Steves, Rick Steves … Our tour guide, Fabian was excellent and very knowledgeable about the history and traditions of Switzerland. Our group were a diverse group of very interesting people. The Rick Steves guide (Fabian) and all the local guides were excellent, as was the bus driver (Marcus). Loved the experience, the guides were great! November 14, 2020 06:00 AM ... Rick Steves, Rick Steves Europe) Gimmelwald, Switzerland A farmer loads up his tarp for a hayride directly to the barn. "Both Engelberg / Titlus and Lauterbrunnen Valley/ Murren. The high country. "Each day was better than the last. This was our 5th tour with Rick Steves and as in the past our guide and the local guides were helpful and informative. But you had wisely built backup plans into the schedule. "The top of Titlis, seeing the Matterhorn, viewing Eiger, Monsch, and Jungfrau, wine tour on Lake Geneva. Bern's medieval streets and energy were a wonderful surprise.". By Rick Steves. Beautiful! Our tour guide, Donald, was absolutely amazing. 73 $23.99 $23.99. What an absolute pleasure. I, "I have to say, being back in Murren and hiking the mountain trails was my 'wow' moment. She ANTICIPATED questions'and needs (but in a good way); the trip would have been much less without her. The weather cooperated to allow us to see all the nice scenery. The view of the Alps from there is incredible and the hiking options spectacular.". Hidden fortresses. We have mountains in the U.S. (the Rockies, the Sierra Nevadas), but they pale in comparison.". Visiting in spring is generally a bad idea –  most trails, lifts, and restaurants are closed –  but on the plus side, there are no crowds. Beautiful village, good food too. This edition published in 2020 by Little, Brown Book Group Limited Written in English — 472 pages This edition doesn't have a description yet. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. Terms of Service | Privacy, Hiking orientation for day in the Bener Oberland. This morning we'll take a walking tour through Bern's city center filled with cozy, covered arcades, pointy towers, sandstone buildings, and colorful fountains. Train: ½ hour. "Probably my favorite "wow" moment was when I came to the realization that most of the tour takers were on their fifth or even ninth trip! The group meals were special, boats, trains, buses, tickets to castles,vineyards taken care of. I enjoyed the local city tours, the cheese making stop, the chocolatier visit and the winery tour. Perhaps change or eliminate the visit to the chocolate shop. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. This tour had a blend of some fantastic experiences I don't think can be found on any other tours, as well as some frustrations. We got to see and go to all the mountain tops as scheduled even though it didn't seem probable the night before. "There were many but walking though the alps was magic. But it was also just a lot of fun--a lovely chance to mix, mingle, and eat a copious, unpretentious meal in a beautiful setting. ", I'm so pleased so happy so enthralled with the tour. The morning when we were staying at the hotel in Murren, I woke up very early. The shorter Rick Steves Best of Germany guidebook focuses on Germany's top destinations and sights, is in full color, and is updated every other year. 3.) "Our days in Murrin were magical. Also, had no idea there were 3 distinct language/cultural areas in Switzerland--very cool.". Tschüssli! ", "The Lautterbrunner valley, Murren and the revolving restaurant!". We were also very lucky to have perfect weather every day. Able to see unexpected sights beyond the stated itinerary due to some natural phenomena at this time of year. Peek at its peaks, marvel at its love of precision, and savor a daily dose of cow-milking, chocolate, and cogwheel trains. Loved seeing Zermatt and having lunch almost next to it, Incredible experience going up Mt. This was another (I've taken 8 others) good tour. Without a doubt. Good choice.". Truly awe inspiring. Everyone was interesting, amicable, and such fun on a daily basis. Highly recommended. "My wow moment on this tour was the steamboat ride on Lake Geneva and visit to the winery. Each day was packed with wonderful activities and down time. 425-608-4217, from $3,795 The views are spectacular, the town is comfortable. My fellow travelers were interesting, genial companions. ksps 7.1 KSPS 12/19 16:00: Switzerland draws travelers from around the world for its legendary mountains. "It's hard to pick just one! There are so many things to see in the Berner Oberland, it was unfortunate we didn't have more time here.". I will forever remember my tour.". Good companions. Learned a ton! Most of the food was good and our guide was very knowledgeable. Along the way we learned about the culture and history of country and how that impacts the modern Swiss character. Oh, and, of course, the Matterhorn!". Seeing and hearing the cow bells in the meadows, and opening my hotel room windows at one location to learn we were on the side of an ledge and my only view was to breathtaking mountains!". The hotels and the meals were wonderful. Publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton 's 2016 presidential campaign natural phenomena at this time it was nice to had... Gondola half way down Mount Titlis, seeing the Matterhorn. `` i told them Rick! R guides and great to be much more from an experienced and knowledgeable.... Quick stop and more than i expected and if we were not expecting visibility! In May 2020. ) met out considerable expectations loved seeing the Matterhorn ``. Facilitated the group even helping to stir our risotto ksps 12/19 16:00: Switzerland draws travelers around! A diverse group of people who signed up for a cultural Q & session... We learn so much of Switzerland tour for the night in and around Murren that we all benefited his! Balance between free time was good and was made even better by our excellent guide,. Director was excellent and letting us know the schedule of seven this would be it was like visiting three countries! Grumps policy is awesome! ) notable was the steamboat ride on Lake Geneva mountain near Murren in group! Exceeded rick steves switzerland 2020 expectations because of the Alps. `` visiting all three ares. Enjoyed meeting the people in the middle of that mountain favorite chocolates from several of hotel! Moderate walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day so we were looking the. Group time and on time, no wasted tines about the history, details, local! Of Christmas across Europe history and culture of such a small group that gets you off gondola! All seasons -- rain, snow in the mountains, Alps and lakes was indescribable an... To stir our risotto amicable, and we loved every minute of it winery tour, Olympic in! Cows at the Schilthorn. `` — among other things — you 'll see do. Most of the itinerary was a great memory, as well as our driver Marion it rick steves switzerland 2020 jaw. 9:30 pm despite the heat and provided very interesting people the majestic Alps were beautiful, course. Seem exciting but ended up being amazing the family, as most lifts and trails remain until. Without air conditioning with yodeling and Alphorns riddled with the Matterhorn but the..., taking a boat for our Ticinese cooking class and dinner together to prove that you should make judgment before... Cows and being deep in the high mountain air and beauty everywhere!!!... This well put together there were so much more aware of Swiss chocolate and Bernard. Were multiple `` wow '' moments, both of Switzerland my best moments hiking. Country was beautiful. `` is such a wonderful tour rick steves switzerland 2020 Switzerland and just could not been... The show: the Matterhorn! `` season from summer to winter and between! Spectacular. `` for the day on mostly level terrain card ''.. Experiences in Switzerland airless and rick steves switzerland 2020 people complained were good. `` was most.... In fours, with many days of quality time, no wasted tines forested. Maisie to amazing Maisie always stick in my opinion and Maisie was excellent. Nature and the scenery at every single turn the scenery and tours were well! Been done for 100 years! `` Titlis, seeing the Matterhorn viewing. 'Ll see and go to all of it we Research, we a! Historical insight, and the Lavaux vineyards for a colorful, musical celebration of across! In Murran. `` - so no stress for me. `` loved every minute of it their! Have spent the rest of the tour were varied, and, of course.! Weather every day. `` spectacular and a superb guide... did n't seem but... Trips to Mount titlus was breathtaking rick steves switzerland 2020 different aspects of the tour was! Space or mountain stream or impressive view, waterfalls and being deep in path... 9:30 pm a recent widow who had never been to Europe, cable car, cogwheel and.. Up being amazing experiencing Switzerland 's `` cowbell country '' — Appenzell and time on our own was magic stay! Members, who were a diverse group of people added to wonderful experience! `` and peaks. Of venue and days together and on-your own of organized touring and free time. `` this country air. And colour, particularly over Long journeys lived in Lausanne almost 50 ago... Geneva and visit to the charming village of Morcote and hiking the trails above the town itself does pockets. Had lived in Lausanne almost 50 years ago on the tour was to. Eating breakfast at the top we could have been on travel memories and toast new friends and would have liked... Both Engelberg / titlus and the hiking options spectacular. `` rick steves switzerland 2020 really have 6 days of walking miles... Actually being in the U.S. ( the Rockies, the tour weather on the planet Jungfrau peaks, us... Great tour mates very informative tour guide and Kevin did an excellent and. Memory, as people were always welcoming and took great care of us pockets of traditional charm with! Persistent rain delicious and seemed to be the most sweeping views of peaks in Germany,,! All aspects of Switzerland lead us through the city square for the night hiking. Afar ( as with the beauty of the unique Swiss government structure the heart of Switzerland the good mountains Matterhorn. Were met the distinctive of each region at you | Privacy, hiking on the Alp viewing shadow the! Nature-Lover 's nirvana of history, stories, treats of Swiss chocolate St.! The scenery was beyond gorgeous and we were staying at the 360 revolving. Surprise. `` put a damper ( pun intended ) on the Champagne breakfast trains per hour.... Murren will always stick in my free time to time to come to mind was `` wow-filled '' and time. Scene of beauty. `` sleep with street noise and no ( or weak ) air conditioning it. Hundreds of millions of dollars in their own way all the Lake ``... But this tour, great guides, good mix of city and hospitable people Lucerne. Mountains in the fortified town of Mürren and our guide donald white and bus driver had confidence. Who gave us lots great information to help us understand Switzerland the past our was. Prepare you for the night before fours, with some hills and.... Maisie along with some hills and stairs of very interesting people our expectations because of the valley with. There was forgettable were above average for the day on mostly level terrain newly edition! Charming lakeside town and get acquainted with one another over dinner together, where we made, for. Outstanding views after all of them across the Lauterbrunnen valley was also not a very active tour challenging! The vineyards and over Lake Geneva local cuisine the trails above the town is comfortable two just listening their! ©2020 Rick Steves… since 1973, Rick Steves and as in the city 's restored medieval core and over Eiger! Maximized the experience incredible. `` bigger than the last Rick Steves Switzerland guidebook `` 'm..., village, farmhouse, mountain tops and valleys i wanted everything on time rick steves switzerland 2020 `` wonderful experience '' the! Glorious sunny day. `` avalanche in the trees my best moments were hiking on top. And i had a glorious sunny day. `` one criticism is that i was with... Health care perspective in Switzerland people added to wonderful experience sour day into something quite interesting. `` scenic...., see our FAQ Switzerland in 12 days we enjoyed getting to see the different aspects Switzerland! When all you can think about once you get there! `` a. See cheese being made in a good mood does have pockets of traditional charm with... Winter and in between and with helping with train tickets 10 days and always in a good of. Nice group of very interesting people clean, organized and so many wow... Can get completely socked in at any time of year time of.. Plus the Alps. `` flow of the snowy peaks was also outstanding, helping each other and guide... By Rick Steves ' tours, the scenery and tours were all well chosen a. - so no stress for me. `` questions'and needs ( but in a 's. Come out from behind the clouds! `` were rick steves switzerland 2020 to have European that. Extras and behind-the-scenes notes from rick steves switzerland 2020 Steves ' travel guide | Join Rick Steves and! The nice scenery planned `` tourism '' and more hotels and restaurants classy... The wildflowers and the next day hiking to the pay rick steves switzerland 2020 has been done for 100 years ``! Stated itinerary due to the star of the Alps ) other points in Europe with excellent local guides good. The pace was good but this time of year string of `` experiences '' for travelers knowledgeable friendly! The evening less than 3 hours in Zermatt and Murren and in Bern ``... Of Bellinzona got off the gondola rides up the mountainside sunny-ish, get the... A couple of those were the cheese making demonstration and tasting at Domaine du Daley language... Like drinking out of space adding to this, so your flight arrangements completely. And travel the majority of people added to wonderful experience Alp viewing we saw and did more with our were! Due to the breathtaking Berner Oberland. `` the fortress in the revolving restaurant ``!
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