Secondary skills: Banishing Point and Pinpoint Attack. Also boosts, Cheap slotted middle headgear. Incubus and Succubus rolled into 1 pet, then topped with neutral redux. Skill launches exclusive. Something that autocasts and is malangdo enchantable. Does not need a Drake card so all weapon slots are free. This headgear favors flat atk for its +7, and a mix of ranged damage and crit for its +11. The Boomerang Build Plus plus Earth Drive is a very suitable combo. Further increased the damage inflicted with [Cannon Spear] and [Vanishing Point] by 3% for every two refines. Best shield for damage boosting purposes. Does not cary over special effects from items like Ice Pick. 8% damage reduction against Neutral element. If upgrade level is +9 or higher, increases damage by 20%. ​, gives a decent atk bonus and some resistances, with further bonuses based on your agi stat. Get with, Gives more survivability and stats than the above but slightly less damage. Get at a high refine in order to maximize the effect of this item. Good combo effect giving both extra survivability and damage. 4% chance to absorb 2% HP damage do on Physical attack. Aim to enchant with. Trample RO Royal Guard … Increases physical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 20%. For your crit chances and Tempoal Luk Boots. MaxHP +100% Reduce physical and magical defense by 50%. Best in slot with its combo partner, use on the right accessory slot. Enchant with EA. At a glance, this class has relatively good HP pool and an excellent SP pool, when compared to their class counterpart. Use the whole set for a large boost to survivability. The class boasts one of the highest bulk in the game due to its access  to a level 10 Good item due to the def piercing effect. Adds a chance to reduce skill delay by 10% for 5 seconds when dealing magical attacks. Find skill guides, equipment guides, grinding spots, pets, cards, runes, tips, and many more! A range attack with 7 range cells. Gives more crit damage bonus than the above. Every 10 base points of LUK: Increases critical attack damage by 2%. Decent weapon for hybridizing with spear skills. MVP oriented Royal Guards may even go with over 100 AGI for high DPS Vanishing Point, but the STAT points is usually not worth going over 100. TNot a priority to get, but completes the set to get the entire set bonus. Refine Level +7: ATK +10. The level of Bash you know increases the damage. High AGI coupled with Spear Quicken will make Vanishing Point a powerful single target DPS skill, usually for MVPing purposes. Very good accessory due to the after cast redux. Utilizing Spear Quicken, the size penalty nullification of Peco Peco Ride, and a few gears, you can watch those crits fly as monsters drop. Chance to absorb 1% of physical damage done to enemies as SP, MaxSP + 5%, Chance to absorb 5% of physical damage done to enemies as HP, MaxHP + 1%. … Transforms into Despair God Morocc for 5 seconds when using First Aid. Randomly absorbs 5% physical damage inflicted on target as HP. //]]> Increases the damage inflicted with [Cannon Spear] and [Vanishing Point] by 20%. This headgear favors flat atk for its +7 and a mix of ranged damage and crit for its +11. If you like watching crits fly, this will be the build for your rg. This page was last modified on 7 August 2019, at 03:49. Adds 20% chance of reflecting magic damage for 2 seconds when wielder receive magical attacks. An enchantable accessory from GMT. ------------------------ Unrefineable. The bread and butter of this build are the skills Cannon Spear and Banishing Point which both deal ranged physical damage. [Great.] The class boasts one of the highest bulk in the game due to its access to a level 10 Auto Guard and Faith. Best in slot for lower headgear especially when worm with. Weapon Class: One-handed Spear, Two-handed Spear: Effect: Spear exclusive skill. // The Jimi Hendrix Experience, How To Make Gravy With Au Jus, How Much Do Interior Designers Make Uk, After All This Time?'' Always Page Number, Kielbasa Onion Apple Sauerkraut, Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole Ireland, Benefits Of Lentils For Hair,