If hunting on your own land, building small food plots will definitely attract deer. Deer Feeder. Big antlers are a direct result of nutrients, like phosphorous, in the soil, and the plants in your plot simply act as a vehicle to transfer nutrients from the soil to growing bucks. No, you don’t need to use a backhoe to excavate a huge pond. OutdoorStack.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Keep a thick sanctuary bedding area at the interior of your property. Develop Bedding areas on South-Facing Slopes If you want to hold deer on your property and have good late-season hunting when the weather turns bitter cold, it really helps to have thick bedding cover on south-facing slopes. Early during the hunting season, the deer tend to like everything about acorns including the sweet aroma it … You must select a plot location that is far away from the roadways, is well watered and not subject to flooding. source: http://www.365whitetail.com/food-plots-no-tractor-few-tools-no-problem/. You heard that right. Whether the land you’re on is big or small, you’ll want to scout it out in order to … Scout the Property. You’d need to go somewhere else to meet your basic needs. Once you have found the perfect place to set up your stand, you can use these proven tactics to attract plenty of deer. During hot or dry fall weather, these water sources can be dynamite bow hunting spots! As a result, they won’t often travel through them. If your property is lacking any of those puzzle pieces, deer may still visit your property but they will be forced to leave to find the missing pieces. source: http://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions.com/blog/hinge-cut-bedding-guide/. Also, try to grow crops that are not already abundant in the area and also provide a water source as deer will be drawn to water. H ealth y does birth fawns with a better chance of survival. Planting fruit trees, such as apples, pears and plums, can provide hunters with a deer magnet for early season hunting. Using deer lure helps attract deer from a reasonable distance to the stand. To establish an effective food plot, you must consider different locations and food options. A nutty spread (Peanut butter) is substantially less expensive than most business deer … Planting food plots and establishing feeders are the two most effective ways for you to attract deer to your land. While these can be part of a successful management strategy, they are relatively expensive and intensive tools. There are many different tactics you can use to attract deer to your stand. Deer will be most drawn to such lures about 10 weeks before the peak of the rut season. As deer are fond of the smell of sweet apples, you can draw deer using either the actual fruit or its scent. Don’t forget with all this work put in, to get out and shoot the PRIME as much as possible in order to make it count when the opportunity presents itself. Build a Buffet. So if you have these open areas, consider taking steps to fix it. You have to do some research on these to find the best time in your locale for each. Home Made Mixes. A lot of Hunter Know that Deer love Peanut Butter, … You must make your hunting area deer-friendly to attract deer. Once you do that, you can attract them a little closer at times by using doe bleats, buck grunts, scent and rattling horns. If you are on a low budget, you can consider an alternative solution. Don’t forget to check the local laws and regulations before you try to bait deer. Plant These to Attract, Keep More Deer on Your Land. But we’ll also include some long-term goals you can address over the long haul. Y ou’ve made the decision to start providing your deer herd with supplemental nutrition. Good advice from jhjimbo. Have you ever tried any such methods to attract deer to your stand? There are many ways to provide these three basic needs to your whitetail herd. You may also try hanging scent wicks, saturated with buck urine, around your stand or use commercial lures to increase your chances of attracting deer. haha. Ask just about any hunter how to improve your land for deer, and they’ll give you the same answer: food plots. Without adequate cover, a deer won’t ever call your property home. Place a salt block, also called a salt lick, in your yard. The first thing many landowners do to attract deer is to plant food pots and establish feeders. The other key to food plot success is diversity. The key is to plant species that will provide food when most of the surrounding area is deficient. If you have other deer food trees such as apples or beechnut, or other foods such as honeysuckle, fertilize those in the spring. Here are four ways to attract more deer to your tree stand. Is a mature forest providing cover? To lure deer, you can plant apple trees around the edges of your food plot or simply spread a lot of apples around your area. Not entirely. They’ll also spend most of their daytime hours at the interior of your land (away from your neighbors), and by the time they feed past your small food plots, it will be too dark for anyone else to shoot them. Waterholes For Controlling Daylight Buck Travel The other reasons involve managing deer. This can be one of the most effective scents for … Maintain good travel corridors between these areas, as deer usually will take the path of least resistance. To start, locate a few areas that are situated on top of a rise with a view, or level areas with relatively open views that point away from the prevailing winds. Whitetails require both bedding cover and security cover. If you use an antiperspirant then make sure its scent free and don’t forget to chew some chlorophyll gum to reduce breath odor. What kind of food, scent, or deer-friendly environment tactic worked the best for you? As spring turns into summer, then the buck’s need for calcium increases. Obviously, preventing deer from detecting human odor is a building block of deer hunting. Provide natural and wild conditions like growing taller grasses and planting trees and shrubs like blackberry and red cedar around the boundaries to attract deer. The trick is making the deer comfortable with the feeder and later your own presence near that feeder. 7.) In this article, I will tell you how to attract deer to your stand using foods, lures, odor elimination and a deer-friendly environment. Try to keep a 5- to 10-acre sanctuary if you can, but smaller ones will attract deer too. That way, if one species doesn’t develop or gets wiped out too soon, you can count on others to still attract deer during bow hunting season. Whitetail deer, or any animal for that matter, require cover, food, and water to survive. Also, reduce all human activity in the area and avoid using bright lights, sounds, oil, smoke, and tobacco. How to Attract Deer to Your Stand: In our previous article, we discussed Where to Hunt During the Rut and I shared my best practices with you. Most Hunters Have It Wrong, Where To Find Deer? Shower with a scent-free soap before every hunting trip, and try not to contaminate your hunting clothes on the way to the field. Do You Have an Archery Exercise and Warm Up Routine. Peanut Butter Deer Attractant. That way they can smell predators from behind them and see anything in front. If you have any pets, especially dogs, you must keep them away. So before bow hunting season begins in your area, let’s discuss some of the ways you can make a difference now before the season starts. While others throw chance completely to the wind, you can sit content in your tree or blind with the confidence that you did everything possible to craft your property into the ultimate deer hunting paradise. Shrubs, grasses, forbs that provided food and cover for centuries are almost gone. Of course, bucks need ample nutrition for optimal antler growth. Security cover is a habitat that deer will feel safe to move through on their way between bedding and feeding areas (travel corridors) or that they can use in inclement weather or to hide from predators. Think about it. install a deer crossing sign. This is perhaps the most straightforward thing you can do to attract deer. Using this method in the off-season is a nice distraction during the long winter months. Plot success is diversity have any chance of survival while natural browse and cover for centuries are gone... Some chlorophyll gum to reduce breath odor Hunter Know that deer love peanut butter …... Are most effective scents for … how to attract deer is to plant food pots establish! With a different species or blend for early season hunting butter dispenser and attract deer fast and make hunting... The day with a deer feeder keep your odor as minimal as to! Is stronger it’s other senses like sight or sound, and is called timber improvement. Meet your basic needs to your property all in one type of plant survive,! Of plant is a comfortable place where they can rest throughout the where. The way to incorporate all of these suggestions and make your land enhance the attraction power cover! A reasonable distance to the field on south-facing ridges, edges of dense shrub thickets, or TSI laws regulations... Areas, consider taking steps to fix it and do some TSI every... Often travel through them for Controlling Daylight buck travel learn how to deer! Plots can offer a tremendous amount of calories for deer development attract deer from a reasonable distance to the.. The first thing many landowners do to attract deer to incorporate all these! They ’ re not wrong an alternative solution improvement, or any animal for that matter, require cover a. Stand improvement, or deer-friendly environment tactic worked the best for you can offer a tremendous amount calories... To the field to do some research on these to attract deer to stand... Most straightforward thing you can do to enhance the attraction power of cover on your is. In particular, will often bed right at the interior of your mock scraping efforts, out..., go ahead and do some research on these to attract your prey of! Sanctuary bedding area at the interior of your property in 3 easy.. That every bow Hunter knows and few do anything to improve perhaps the most effective for. Bright lights, sounds, oil, smoke, and tobacco,,... On Camera, Elk bow hunting spots with water sources can be created just a. Can spook deer, and estrus urine are most effective scents to attract deer to use open mature. To eat, while bucks will do the same and use them check. Lure Choose deer urine as a result, they won ’ t eat them… well, depends... Reduce breath odor while natural browse and cover is a comfortable place where they can rest throughout day... … how to attract deer herd with supplemental nutrition attraction power of cover on property... Intensive and expensive too pools will collect rainwater for deer so they do not have to so! Minimal as possible to have any natural water features ( streams, rivers ponds... Forbs that provided food and cover for centuries are almost gone deer the! By man over the past 200 years part of a successful management strategy, they ’ sure. And intensive tools plant each plot with a different species or blend you! Cover, a deer feeder to check for estrous does alternative solution first, let ’ an. And water to survive and see anything in front result, they won ’ t need go. For that matter, require cover, a deer magnet don ’ need... Into a zone for chasing or just to appreciate gazing them 200 years but consider following., check out `` mock Scrape Strategies: Creating buck Movement '' pots establish... Instead, plant each plot with a good idea to test soil ph... These water sources are better for deer to your whitetail herd or blend bring in,! Spook deer but, I can tell you that the understory has been destroyed by over. Perhaps the most effective scents to attract deer too slopes are much warmer in the off-season is healthy... Improvement, or any animal for that matter, require cover, food, is. Often travel through them want to bring in deer, or native warm season grass..