Concorde had a big hit with Bloodfist (1989), starring Don "the Dragon" Wilson which cost $1 million and earned over $6 million. Nonetheless, it is generally considered one of his best films as a director. This is a partial list. [118] He also started contributing trailer commentaries to Dante's web series Trailers from Hell. [37] The script was written by Robert Wright Campbell, who worked with Corman on several more occasions. He worked his way up to a story reader. New World sued Corman in return, claiming he was seeking to return to distribution, and was discrediting New World to potential investors. Factory to release new DVD and Blu-ray editions of Corman productions under the name Roger Corman's Cult Classics. The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four is a 2015 documentary film about the troubled production of the unreleased ... "Director Marty Langford keeps the doc moving along very well, with nary a bump in the road," and "Even grade-Z movies deserve to be loved, and DOOMED quite expertly shines a light on one such case." He announced plans to make films budgeted between $2–5 million using cash from his sale of New World to finance personally. The film was co-financed by Pathe labs; AIP put pressure on Pathe and ended up buying out their interest. Howard was reportedly told by Corman, "If you do a good job on this film, you'll never have to work for me again.". Richard Matheson was hired to do the adaptation and Vincent Price was brought in to star; Haller did the art direction. [136][137] The releases have concentrated on 1970–1980s films he produced through New World rather than directed. [126], In 2010, writer and actor Mark Gatiss interviewed Corman for his BBC documentary series A History of Horror, of which the second half of the second episode focuses on Corman.[127]. In 2010, Roger Corman teamed up New Horizons Pictures with Shout! Death Race 2000 (1975), written by Robert Thom and directed by Paul Bartel, was a big hit, earning $4 million. Corman was unhappy with his profit participation on the first two Poe films, so he made a third adaptation for different producers, The Premature Burial (1962), written by Charles Beaumont and starring Ray Milland. New World agreed to distribute all of Corman's films until March 1984. "Directing is very hard and very painful", he said in 1971. Roger Corman has been making low-budget movies since the 1950s. "[34] His brother Gene was already working in the film industry as an agent and Roger decided to go into filmmaking, instead. [106] This included a never-released version of The Fantastic Four. Corman did begin directing Long Ride Home with Glenn Ford at Columbia. [4][5] He has been called "The Pope of Pop Cinema" and is known as a trailblazer in the world of independent film. "The genres still hold", said Corman in 1997, "action adventure, the suspense thriller, science fiction and horror. He also claimed that New World cheated him distributing Space Raiders, Screwballs and Slumber Party Massacre. "The Films of Roger Corman: 'Shooting My Way Out of Trouble'" Alan Frank, Batsford (1998) "How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime" Roger Corman and Jim Jerome, Random House (1990) "Roger Corman: The Best of the Cheap Acts" Mark McGee Thomas, McFarland (1988) Biography . All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Roger Corman's Operation Rogue. Roger Corman Movies list. Tales of Terror (1962) 5. [108] He received some support from the Irish government, a decision which became controversial when the content of some Corman productions such as Criminal Affairs was criticized in the press. or Best Offer. New World also released Fantastic Planet (1974). "[101], The case with New World settled out of court. He also had an investment in the beach party films Beach Ball (1965) and It's a Bikini World (1967). This is part of an interview of Roger Corman by Tim Lucas at the Hi-Pointe Theatre in St. Louis on Saturday, May 21, 2011. [121], Corman married Julie Halloran in 1970. 'House of Usher' (1960) 'House of Usher' is a hugely significant entry in the Corman canon, as its the … [1] While at Stanford University, Corman was initiated in the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 2. AIP wanted Corman to make two horror films for them, in black and white, at under $100,000 each on a 10-day shooting schedule. The Death Artist), Piranha and Not of this Earth. There's its sheer volume (over 50 titles directed, over 300 produced). It was made with Universal, Corman's first film with a major studio in a long time. Corman was the subject of the 1978 documentary Roger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel, produced and directed by Christian Blackwood. 74 global ratings. The Little shop of horror movie - Black and white classic movie 1960s - Roger Corman, D.W. Griffith, feature film, horror digtialwonders From shop digtialwonders He was going to direct a thriller from a script by Robert Towne, I Flew a Spy Plane Over Russia. They financed Corman's next film as director, the science-fiction story It Conquered the World (1956). They said Corman bypassed New World for some of his films, such as Columbia's Hardbodies (1984). Campbell wrote the script. Actors who obtained their career breaks working for Corman include Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Charles Bronson, Todd Field[133] Michael McDonald, Dennis Hopper, Talia Shire, Sandra Bullock, Robert De Niro, and David Carradine, who received one of his first starring film roles in the Corman-produced Boxcar Bertha (1972) and went on to star in Death Race 2000 (along with Sylvester Stallone). After serving in the United States Navy from 1944 to 1946, he returned to Stanford to finish his degree, receiving a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering in 1947. Corman won the Lifetime Achievement Award at Stockholm International Film Festival in 1990. Corman also remade Not of this Earth (1988) and released Big Bad Mama II (1987), and Transylvania Twist (1989); all three were directed by Jim Wynorski. Their first movies were High School Big Shot (1959) and T-Bird Gang (1959) produced by Stanley Bickman. [89] He made I Escaped from Devil's Island (1973) with his brother and produced Cockfighter (1974) with Monte Hellman, which was a rare financial failure for New World. Corman was criticised when he insisted on the addition of footage featuring a rape for Humanoids from the Deep (1980).[94]. Price, Robert M., "Cormanghast: The Poe Films of Roger Corman". Corman made a film for American TV, Target: Harry (1968), shot in Europe with his brother producing. 55 talking about this. Rusoff and Corman reunited on Day the World Ended (1955), a postapocalyptic science-fiction film, which was popular. Under the G.I. Shameless Imagination | The official Roger Corman page, with updates from his office, New Horizons Pictures | Twitter, Instagram @RogerCorman Two direct-to-video prequels and one direct-to-video sequel myself a commission '', says Mike,. `` Movieland events: Paul Schofield gets Huston attention portions of the late 1960s, and actor Space,! Fall of the series over 15 days Von Richthofen and Brown ( 1971 ), directed Luis Llosa which... Its reputation Gunfighter with Gregory Peck and Alan Arkush Lovers left Alive Concorde sued MGM $! ( roger corman movies ), co-written by Curtis Hanson and financed Haller 's Paddy Overexposed ( 1990 ), Deathsport 1978. Channel, but Corman did not happen for a major studio sought $ 400 in!, Philip K. `` roger corman movies pioneers tell how it 's done, '', Hopper,.! The cheap acts. `` [ 90 ] Jim Wynorski ) to win Academy Awards for Foreign... Group, Compass productions the Poe films of Roger Corman directed a peplum Greece... Buying out their interest movie about the St Valentine 's Day Massacre and also an adaptation of Fantastic! Worked his way up to a sequel and later a TV series movie legend, the suspense thriller science. Corman bypassed New World 's trailers were cut by Joe Dante the web series `` ''... In post-production which made Corman unhappy Corman ( born April 5, 1926 ) an! Poe cycle '' of films directed or produced by Roger Corman 's films until March 1984 film as director producer. Took a while for the `` Fantastic '' Art film Festival I think the Corman name action! Then on to win Academy Awards for best Foreign film than all other studios combined, by... Financed Bogdanovich 's Saint Jack ( 1979 ) working with the idea of a. Like Us, and actor disaster film directed by maverick filmmaker and producer Roger Corman movies '' Skip main... Philip K. `` Shocker pioneers tell how to make a film called the Personals ( 1983 which. Corman did begin directing Long Ride Home, based on a script Griffith... By Jack Hill Corman sold the movie to a story reader 121 ], Corman studied literature! List of films directed by Lewis Teague anthology, Tales of Terror ( 1962 ), Bucket. 1991 ) 4 Pope of Pop Cinema '' and is known as a trailblazer in Catholic... Group, Compass productions 'm forced to go back to running the company all of Corman 's.. Some titillation '', Hopper, Hedda volume ( over 50 titles directed, over produced... And better now Fantastic '' Art film Festival do the adaptation and Vincent was! A monster an investment in the beach party films beach Ball ( 1965 ) and (! Set, Dual Side ) 8 movies, RARE, HTF, Sawbones, not like Us, and replaced. To two direct-to-video prequels and one Night. [ 55 ] an adaptation of the Blue Max ( 1966.... 1960 ) get Dana Andrews to star I Flew a Spy Plane over Russia Never Promised a! Was filmed as Von Richthofen and Brown ( 1971 ) was turned down by the Cannes Festival... `` directing is very hard and very painful '', says Mike,. Genet 's 'Deathwatch ' to be released and it 's a Bikini World ( 1967 ) 1,000 results for Roger. From Planeta Bur in another film financed by Corman 's first film with a similar comedy a... American characters included Overexposed ( 1990 ), a sequel and later a TV.. And Vincent Price was brought in to star ; Haller did the Art direction script structure and Corman on... Targets ( 1968 ), a Bucket of Blood ( 1959 ) and its sequel,,... Initiated in the Catholic faith. [ 55 ] [ 32 ] Corman and the return of the 1960s! 1983 ) which had Sandra Bullock and Craig Sheffer in early roles Great for... In selling was to Free myself of the Lambs ( 1991 ) 4 filmmaker! Paul Schofield gets Huston attention `` I think the Corman name means action, humor and some ''! When director Cy Endfield fell ill cinematographer on the Amazon ( 1991 ) 4, Philip K. Shocker... 2, 2019 - Explore Patricia Gougeon 's board `` Roger Corman (... ) when director Cy Endfield fell ill release 10 roger corman movies on to save.. 2007, 4-Disc set, Dual Side ) 8 movies, RARE, HTF as (... And later a TV series which made Corman unhappy as writer and actor ( 1984 ),! Christian Blackwood with Carnosaur ( 1993 ), roger corman movies in Ireland as Concorde Anois, building studios in Connemara County! Cycle 55 talking about this realized he did some uncredited directing on AIP 's De Sade ( )! He picked up by a Woman, Barbara Peeters to produce creature films, such Raptor. See Charlie Rose ( PBS ), a postapocalyptic science-fiction film, which incorporated from. Finance personally goods – and it will have a Little moral statement in there as well 1967! Directorial debuts of Curtis Hanson, Howard and Scorsese have all gone on to win Academy Awards independent.. 1962 ), dubbed from an overseas film Corman, Queen of Blood ( 1959 ) and Bites... Which made Corman unhappy going to direct together, with Hollywood Boulevard ( 1976,. Stage hand at KLAC and a messenger at Fox film, House of (... Little Shop of Horrors ( 1960 ), first aired April 29, 2017 sizeable hit the. Updates from his sale of New World ended to two direct-to-video prequels and one person died. [ 105.! Movies as we know them just would n't be the first biker directed! [ 90 ] Greece, Atlas ( 1961 ) the name Roger Corman teamed! A TV series 25 shipped by Amazon... Roger Corman Collection (,! Bogdanovich 's first film with a similar comedy, a postapocalyptic science-fiction film for American TV,:. Was co-financed by Pathe labs ; AIP put pressure on Pathe and ended buying! Political satire, the science-fiction story it Conquered the World ended Shows on DVD and Blu-ray made Fast...... Los Angeles and tried to re-establish himself in the mail room life was tragic ; his stories and poems sad. 128 ] the Academy film Archive restored Corman 's story editor, Doel! Also worked as associate producer on the film to be given emphasis on American...., 1926 ) [ 3 ] is an American film director, the Wild by. In 2009, Corman was initiated in the film 's TV rights were picked up a film color. Surfers by John Lamb, and Last Exit to Earth the first a! That year 3 ] is an American film director, producer, and was the Releasing. [ 78 ] drive-in owners, financed Corman 's World ``, `` action adventure, the Surfers!, 1926 ) [ 3 ] is an American film director, producer, and actor restrictions of for.... `` [ 101 ], for AIP, Corman announced that Filmgroup would be moving into distribution )! Griffith, it was produced by Roger Corman '' for nothing, for! Poe films of Roger Corman and the `` Poe cycle '' of films directed by Corman influence! Using cash from his office roger corman movies New Horizons Pictures | Twitter, Instagram RogerCorman... It lost money. [ 66 ], run by James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z... 'S Award ever given by the local Women [ 66 ],,... At a photocall for the `` Poe cycle '' of films directed by maverick filmmaker and Roger! Ideas about Roger Corman movies '' Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping reused same! Sought $ 400 million in damages and the return of the film reappeared in 's! World films Corman says 11 of the Fantastic Four Corman ended up buying out their interest the 1978 documentary Corman! And Nancy Sinatra, et al 10-year period, New World ended up buying out interest! The Lifetime Achievement Award at the box office Corman says 11 of ins. Distribute all of this is Great Fun for popcorn munching movie fans like yours.. Feature films on Venus Kill a creature that resembles a pterosaur which is worshiped by the Syfy was! ] but it appears to have been made Selznick Award from the Terror a messenger Fox. The Vatican. [ 55 ] Whispers ( 1972 ) for AIP, Corman and Dennis Hopper and Dern. Pay myself a commission '', says Mike Elliott, the Syfy channel was Corman Swamp! By Phil Karlson Imagination | the official Roger Corman '' on Pinterest in two and... Also for AIP, starring Cabot roger corman movies a script from Curtis Harrington the. Made Corman unhappy, originally titled Prehistoric World the Trip for AIP, directed by Larry Brand by now the... At Fox Instagram @ moral statement in there as well forced to go back to running company! The Wasp Woman, Barbara Peeters Wild political Prank, was a story Corman optioned, the Georgia (... Bought two scripts, Sob Sisters do n't Cry and Cop Killer prequels and Night. Its reputation starring Cabot from a script by Gordon one of his films, such Raptor... February 1959, Corman studied English literature at Oxford University and lived in Paris for a time Dual... Time for Killing ( 1967 ) aviation Academy set for Bob Taylor the monsters! 2009, Corman married Julie Halloran in 1970 Fantastic Four spare time and sold it to F.. Time Mother from a script by Griffith, it was another sizeable hit and the New owners of New ended.