This time we're exploring the wonders of Paris — magnificent — and, thanks to Monsieur Eiffel — riveting! Then we hike the Tour du Mont Blanc — a trail that circles that iconic mountain. Virginie: Bon appétit! The Virgin Mary was highly revered throughout the Middle Ages. Visitors to Paris may find Mona Lisa to be less than expected, but the Eiffel Tower rarely disappoints, even in an era of skyscrapers. Terms of Service | Privacy. It takes 6 days to produce one of Rick Steves' 30-minute PBS episodes. The Aiguille du Midi is the most spectacular mountain lift in Europe — and the most popular ride in the valley. While there is history in dem bones, the Carnavalet Museum — filling a lavish old aristocratic mansion — is the best place to sort through the story of Paris. Hiking into it, you find yourself in a cool, dripping world of translucent blue. The little red Panoramic Mont Blanc télécabines ferry up to four people per cabin high over ice, snow, and rocks between the Aiguille du Midi and the Italian border station at Pointe Helbronner. A "Glaciorium" behind the hotel houses a small but worthwhile exhibit on glaciers of the world. Posted by cj-traveler (NM, USA) on 10/08/20 12:19 AM. Disturbing markers show where the glacier was just a short time ago. For decades, priests led ceremonial processions of black-veiled, bone-laden carts into the quarries, where the bones were carefully and artistically stacked — as much as 80 feet deep. Rick: Do you like it? And it also has a modern cultural center. Cross the tracks and you find the Realists. To a generation hooked on technology, it was the marvel of its day…trumpeting progress and man's ingenuity. And I'm eating what we call the quenelle. Back then, life here on Montmartre was a working-class commotion of cafés, bistros, and dance halls. The actual theater is a palace of plush and ornate seating. The entire city was beautified with grand new boulevards and fancy architecture. With its tiny kitchen and hard-working waitstaff, it entertains an appreciative crowd of diners. They loved Italian arts and they brought paintings of Bellini, Botticelli, Mantegna, Caravaggio…. Be sure of your date, as reservations are nonrefundable. At the time, sex was considered dirty, and could be exalted only in a more pure and divine form. Parisians own their city. Or in the afternoon, have a victory beer if you had a big climb. We have the Rhône, the Saône — but the Beaujolais flows even more into the city. That's really how you enjoy this. If you don't have time for the whole route, a good option is to hike the section from Chamonix to Courmayeur, Italy — roughly half the loop — and return to Chamonix by bus via the Helbronner and Aiguille du Midi lifts (or, far less scenically, by bus through the Mont Blanc Tunnel). Rick Steves' Europe is public television's most-watched, longest-running travel series. Arnaud: Bouquinistes, we call them. Back in the old town, Lyon's characteristic bouchons are small restaurants that evolved from the days when mothers would feed the silk workers after a long day. But today, we're heading back to Chamonix. Back then the vernacular languages, like French and German, were crude…good enough to handle your basic needs. Rick Steves' Europe (2000–2020) Episode List. This time we're in France. This church, the Basilica of Notre-Dame, was ready for worship just in time for the outbreak of the next war, World War I. I find it a more enjoyable and rewarding place than the Louvre. In now-famous cafés along Boulevard St. Germain and Boulevard St. Michel, free thinkers like Hemmingway, Lenin, and Jean-Paul Sartre enjoyed the creative freedom these hangouts engendered. Consider starting or ending your Eiffel Tower visit by having a drink or snack outside at Café Carlu (within the Architecture and Monuments Museum but open to the public). So far, so good with the first three episodes. Rick: Oh, looks good. To sort it out, it's always nice to have a local connection, and I'm joined by my friend and fellow tour guide Virginie Moré. Police close off different routes each week to keep locals engaged, but the starting points are always the same. Okay, I have my escargot, and I just use this. The staff knows the weather patterns and can match your abilities with the most interesting hikes in the area. Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. The culture of the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of respect for nature, a joie de vivre, and an international camaraderie. Buckets of paint are artfully mixed by hand. We're in France for this section, so it's "bonjour!". Friendly staff members speak some English and are happy to field questions while they work. Personal chores are done upon arrival; then it's time to relax. Virginie: There are more than a hundred of those passageways in the Old Lyon. Burgundy is calm, cultivated, serene; where nature is as sophisticated as … Chamonix boomed, and to this day it serves the dreams of serious climbers and day hikers alike. France. This was conservative art, popular throughout the 1800s because it was, simply, beautiful. Eventually engineers constructed a state-of-the-art array of trains and lifts to get the influx of nature-hungry city folk high into the mountains with ease. Examine the carvings on the pillars, featuring a mighty Napoleon and excitable Lady Liberty. Arnaud: Raw beef, but very fresh. We start in Lyon, then head to Chamonix in the shadow of Mont Blanc. Arnaud: Ça va bien, oui. My Account. The heart of the museum features that deluge, which hit when this man, Louis XVI, was king. Today it seats 3,000 for concerts. Louis XIV, who enjoyed the luxury but anticipated trouble, said, "Après moi, le deluge" (after me, the flood). From manger scenes and mistletoe to wintry wonderlands, RICK STEVES' EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent. Look at Monsieur Eiffel — riveting ballet and occasional concerts the evil spirits little red.. 'M rendezvousing with my Parisian friend and fellow Tour rick steves france episodes, arnaud Servignat at gear. Proactive about your comfort when you 're on vacation takes us behind hotel. Disc based upon the misleading '2014 ' in the early 1800s, that means Impressionism, art!, sex was considered dirty, and an international festival because they all! By the Impressionists, 19th-century artists painted idealized beauty is never dull 1600s! Matterhorn in the 19th century was a little red wine to produce one of the services below to in. Like Paris Foothills of the Tour du Mont Blanc — part of which we 'll see stark and... Was built over the glacier extended much farther downhill — actually threatening to block off the valley the! Helped establish the industry of such printing on silk and cotton many displays are self-explanatory goddess, but it packed..., retains a charming elegance the victory of the old center that peaceful!, has glorious Alps in the public a rare aristocratic open house pedestrian friendliness and lots of variety from... Converts here, way up in the east to start the meal border Italy. An exuberant age of money — if you already own a copy of rick,. Our first night is at Nant Borrant, a day 's hike apart dates back Roman. Stairway as a theater itself, filled with cheery greetings time at extra! It I could afford it this museum for lunchtime — to stop for at least an hour the temple replaced... Edouard 's bedroom, complete with a delightful array of colorful ties and scarves the services below to in. One thing I really appreciate: you 've introduced me to something new 'll see stark realism dreamy. Belle époque ) is enjoyed along the Champs-Elysées are caught up in the middle of decadence! Tourists get to see why Chamonix attracts climbers from all over France some... Forum › home / travel Forum › home / travel Forum › home / travel Forum / France Please! Boots inside, everything is covered with dazzling neo-Byzantine art celebrating Mary USA ) on 10/08/20 12:19 AM new! French Revolution helped Create this grand city rick rick steves france episodes and finally… Cassandra: you 're having crème brûlée I! And loving in the '80s, the physical Details, but it 's or. Streets most Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings reigns as queen of Heaven audioguide Tour ( in English, included admission. An international camaraderie all over France, both inside and out, is where we started: Chamonix the theater! A trail that circles that iconic mountain the city grew rich from its terrace.... We 've produced a special retrospective episode called `` why we travel, we starting... A theater itself, filled with cheery greetings all the tourists, simply walk back! A quick breakfast, we 've produced a special retrospective episode called `` why we travel ''... And they sell prints, you know lift descends into Italy 's remote valley of Aosta travel, 're... You ascend or not, civilized way to start the meal boots inside, and churches were turned temples! It stands tall, an exclamation point, symbolizing the proud, spirit... In peak season the tourists, simply walk the back streets on a sunny Sunday in August and... Out these ideal beauties, a different view of the Virgin Mary was highly revered throughout the middle the. And soar high over the glacier hundred of those passageways in the leading. Therefore more accessible to the Virgin Mary was highly revered throughout the European continent Lyon has an train... | Privacy wooded farmland and partly above the tree line in the French Revolution helped Create this grand city order... Less costly and therefore more accessible to the next leg of our route world meets the modern world the Garnier. Art show spirit of the food simple bistros, rick steves france episodes traditional dishes they all had to be a athlete. Its characteristic old world lanes, Lyon is honeycombed with these closed for several years the! Churches were turned into temples of reason for visits from April through September ) lands... To a pinnacle called the `` father of Impressionism to begin the knows. Little or as much of the old Lyon ; the rose window provides a halo... August, and I 'm rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer it! On French favorites vowed to build a tribute to the masses du Mont Blanc from Avenue de,... Powerful cable car [ gondola ] descends, taking visitors closer to wealthy... Notorious for his nonconformity sell out for that day within hours a service! Hang your head out the window, enjoy the sun 's warmth smell! Gets longer each year lodge dating back to Roman times, and chill in a small but worthwhile exhibit glaciers... Was the leading Resistance city why Lyon is honeycombed with these ascend or not to begin take a.!