Sex. i took the equivlent of around 6-7 shots, but idk how much is too much cuz i dont drink. im 6'1 and around 160 lbs. Just in case you think I'm making this stuff up, there is a case study of fatal mouthwash ingestion. Thanks for the A2A. These ingredients can be toxic when consumed in amounts large enough to become drunk from mouthwash. How many shots out of a regular small shot glass to get me drunk? ... How many shots of 33% whiskey would get me drunk? Many mouthwashes contain compounds such as menthol, eucalyptol and thymol. A2A. megan. If you’re drinking like the rest of the country, most of what you learn about Fireball is forgotten by morning. Answer Save. BuzzFeed Staff. Let’s assume that you drink the whiskey in a bolus intake, rather than spread out over a lengthy time, thereby avoiding the need to adjust for elimination of alcohol from the blood. In 2010, after enlisting the help of a social media campaign team, Fireball started naturally catching on amongst college kids in Nashville. 6 years ago. Male Female. 0. reply. The Drink Wheel. 3 Answers. So the short answer is yes, drinking Listerine will get you drunk. Just kidding. I know some people who can power their way through a fifth of Jack and barely seem drunk (they are, they just handle it well), and others who look at a beer and fall over. Check out the "Drink Wheel" Below to determine what your blood alcohol level will be after you've consumed various drinks over a certain time period! A shot is generally considered to be the standard 40% alcohol content, so when computing how many shots to get drunk, make sure you consider how strong the alcohol is that you are enjoying. ... since fireball is spicy. Time is also an extremely important factor in answer to how many shots to get drunk. Pomes needed to figure out what was going on there and replicate it in other parts of the country. Log in. by Michelle Regna. Update: Any drink that ends in "balls" or "nuts" is best left behind. The company’s brand ambassadors started buying shots for entire bars:. 21 People Who Drank Fireball And Are Now Dead. Fireball has the worst recipe ideas with even worse names. How many shots of fireball to get me drunk? username2269391 Badges: 18. How many shots of Whisky to get drunk? Interactive Blood Alcohol Calculator. Find out how many beers or other drinks it will take you to get drunk. This is impossible to answer without more information. I haven't got drunk many times before and I am wondering how many shots of this 33% whiskey would get me drunk? And that’s fair. plz tell me, so if ive had too much i can stop. I weight about 125-130 I'm 5'5 and a half. I think it will take me more than most peop. Fireball was already starting to get traction in Nashville. Same goes for the eye-roll–inducing fragile masculinity of the"Man-mosa." I'm not entirely sure how many shots it takes to get me drunk. hey, ive never really drunk before and i found some whisky. Each drink in this calculation assumes a volume of .54 ounces of alcohol (one shot of distilled spirits, a glass of wine, or 12 ounces of beer). Ask a question. Like hangover drunk?? … However, many variables can affect how quickly alcohol enters your blood, raising your blood-alcohol level. You could say they went down in flames. I don't drink often maybe once or twice a year. Relevance. Favorite Answer.
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