I have had two Capital One 360 savings accounts open since 2006, one for generalized savings and the other earmarked as an emergency fund. I have filed a complaint against the bank with the Federal Reserve. So, I can keep my Christmas money separate from my money I am savings for taxes and so forth. When you deposit money into your account, you can then order your first 50 checks for free. 4. I could not have been more pleased. I deposit money into the checking account and have automatic transfers that go into the savings accounts. Again, this is not as issue for me. I closed each call feeling like I accomplished what I intended and dealt with an understanding person as opposed to a large bank/employee just saying the company line. The IRA savings account is a tax-advantaged account. Capital One did have a security breach in 2019 involving credit card accounts. Plenty of other good banks around, no need for this stress. When the change over first occurred, we received a giant stack of mailings, new cards, and more information than we could process. I have been a Capital One 360 member since well before it was officially known as such, but they haven't skipped a beat since being acquired by Capital One (Formerly ING Direct). No way to bypass it now. The experience in the earlier days was a little clunky. After being a loyal customer they closed all my accounts without a good reason. I also have a savings account with the bank and it is easy to set up a scheduled deposit time. They were very proactive in keeping us informed of what to expect and they did deliver on just that. They deleted the check information my husband entered.5) CPO 360 sends bills at the end of day recently, not beginning of the day like any other banks do. I like the convenience of online banking. When I contacted upper management about this, they said that they would not consider changing this policy. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this bank. The website and mobile app are set up very well and that, combined with the interest rate of 1%, makes this bank very favorable. I like the ability to create multiple accounts to help keep funds separated for different purposes. Ordering checks is just a matter of having $5.00 deducted from your account and then waiting 7 or so days. Several years ago I had heard about online banking and thought that this might be something that would fit my needs. Great bank, with slight customer service issues! I have had a Capital One 360 Checking account for over year now and I have been pleased. The online banking feature is great. I'm impressed and happy with the service so far. Other banks - almost everyone US bank except for Capital One will post the pay on Saturday or on Friday. It has features to track spending, savings, and even your credit score. The only time I do not like it is when I have cash that I would like to deposit. They kept the no fees/no minimums and they keep a higher than average interest rate which is why I stayed with them. I did it on my lunch break. The rates are competitive but they slow to transfer money. Most other banks online offer around 0.2% interest. Don't know what happened to Capital One… Don't know what happened to Capital One Bank but I am no longer a satisfied customer nor do I trust this company. I have had to deal with BoA on the phone and it was a horrible experience. Just because the customer service is amazing, the month fees are nill. Review the deposit details, then hit submit, if they’re correct, to process your deposit. I have been using Capital One bank's IRA and investing tools to prepare for retirement for over 15 years. I then opened a few more savings accounts to keep different monies separate. No papers, no waiting. Whoever thought this strategy up needs to find another job, perhaps waterboarding blind folded ISIS prisoners. If I can't get quicker transfers, I'll let it go. I plan on staying with Capital One forever. Being a long time ING Direct customer, I admit I was a little skittish when Capital One announced they were buying the online banking services from ING. But...the bank has exceeded my expectations. I will admit they are a bit limited in ATM locations (the nearest one to my home in a major city is probably five miles away) but I have learned to plan ahead when I will need to have cash on hand. I've been doing my checking and savings with Capital One 360 for about 4 months now, and so far it's been very good. I need this money for my mother and this is now ridiculous. Individually, they are both fantastic, but I do not understand why they are not more comprehensive in their use. I've been using Capital One as primary bank provider for my checking/savings account, and for credit and loan transactions for several years now. The experience was very easy and took no time at all. I signed up with Capitalone360 not long ago on a referral from my sister. I recently inquired about CDs and iras and have just opened up a Roth IRA. I had to contact customer service to have a new ATM card sent to me and I received a quick response and my new card was sent without a cost to me. Sign in Register. I use scheduled recurring transactions to help with budgeting, and having separate accounts like envelopes helps in the budgeting process. I have had no problems with this bank so far and I can feel confident in saying I recommend them. I have been a customer of theirs for over five years. I enjoy the kind people that are always willing to help when I call the customer service line. I am very happy working with the Capital One. Don't use this bank for CDs if you want to track your balances using an account aggregation service (like Yodlee) as Capital One has a dysfunctional authentication routine. Capital One charges no fees on 360 IRA Savings accounts. Capital One Mobile lets you manage your credit cards, bank accounts, home and auto loans anywhere, anytime, from one place on your Android device. While there are a lot of online only bank service providers, very few of them are well credited like capital one 360. I think that was their way of telling me that I would like the change if I was under 40. The rates area also great! I can access the account anytime I want from my laptop, IPad or IPhone. On the few occasions that I've had to call customer service I have always dealt with pleasant, easy to understand and very helpful representatives. They are still the best bank to deal with. In terms of the products, Capital One institutes a couple of no brainer services that make so much sense for anyone who would open an internet only account. I deposit checks through their app, transfer money and use bill pay. The money is easy to access- it takes about 3 days to transfer it into my local account. One of the features I liked was that for me having a portion of my money "out of sight" was a bonus, it forced me to save, much like a Christmas savings account. Website looked totally different from previous one. Also, when you first get your account there are a few different ways to make $50 for doing very little, you would just have to research that because I forget what I did. I've only had to contact customer service once in the ten years I've had my accounts, but the person on the other end of the line was super helpful and resolved my problem right away. I use it to store all my savings and they keep UPPING the rate! Overall I enjoyed my experience with Capital One 360 online banking. It makes it harder to log on and we commonly forget our user names and have to call often to reset our passwords. Avoid this bank like the plague or you will regret it ! If you are looking for a bank that is easy, quick, and hassle free, this is the bank for you. We had capital one 360 checking and savings bank as our previous bank was purchased by them a few years ago. The few times I needed to contact customer service have been a breeze. They also offer check deposit via the internet or via their mobile app... just snap a picture of the check and upload it. In addition to its Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account, Capital One offers nine certificate of deposit (CD) accounts, among other offerings. I opened a 360 Saving Acct because a promotion offering a bonus of $100 for each $10K. I believe since they use only online banking; that they can offer higher interest rates because of less capital required to pay for employees in traditional banking branches. We really weren't good with saving. Capital One Bank is an online only, saving/checking debit account with no minimum upfront deposit fee, no annual charges and earns a small amount of interest every month. I use an online bank for a basic savings account and for certificates of deposits, and I have been very happy with it's performance over the years. No Extra Downloads. They would not give me a password reset sent to my email, they told me they had to send it in the mail. I deposited 2 checks and they have been in pending for 4 business days now. I also have my regular checking account with a local bank and use Capital One 360 mainly for online shopping. I have had a checking account and a master card through Capital One for seven years now. Capital One 360 - which was once ING Direct - took over and I thought I would hate it. I opened it for the introductory new customer offer, that earned me a bonus. The fees are reasonable, and they don't crush people with overdraft fees. I came to Capital one when they bought ING Direct. Customer service is by email only but they answer all my questions thoroughly and in timely manner - always within 24 hours! Member FDIC. It was the first time I'd ever seen a bank where instead of dinging your account a huge fee when you overdraft, they instead essentially loan you a certain amount of money and you pay a couple pennies at the end of the month. It's happened twice now that online hackers somehow got my debit card information and they did not get anything because of Capital One 360. I was pleasantly surprised that their hours are 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. I also like the Creditwise function which lets me monitor my credit score, factors affecting my score, and my open accounts. I opened a checking account with the Capital One 360 online banking company, and so far it has been very simple and easy to use. In addition, I have used their debit card all over the country from Arizona to Hawaii and have never encountered any problems. The website is intuitive and hassle-free. However, I was overcharged for a hotel by a hotel company in September. For the most part I really like my account with them but like almost everything they're not perfect on all front. What's The Difference Between A Bank And A Credit Union. Another feature I love is the ability to quickly and easily open multiple savings accounts and create savings goals! This was an electronic funds transfer and the money left my other bank immediately but Capital One won’t credit it until five days after the transfer. Some positives: mobile deposits, no minimum balances and no fees for simply having an account. Even better, when you first open up a bank account with them if you make three simple debit card purchases in thirty days they give you fifty dollars. The biggest drawback was that it took so long for money to transfer in order to pay bills. My work does not offer direct deposit. I currently bank with Capital One online and have a checking and savings account. In the few incidents where I had to contact Capital One directly, they were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated to service. They cannot send texts to foreign numbers (e.g., to activate an account, confirm a log in, etc.). I used Capital One 360's banking for about 6 months. What drew me to this bank was the higher interest rates compared to traditional banks. This no-fee savings account is a great place to keep your emergency fund. The accounts are still there and I really need start using them again. Fees are thankfully quite low, and their overdraft policies are quite reasonable. This was a feature I wasn't aware was a deal breaker until I had to cash a check and had no idea what I would do since my bank was an online bank. I can transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit checks from my phone in seconds. This was our first time using a online banking and It did not last long because unlike a physical bank there was no feeling of community or belonging. Capital One is more formal, seems less personal and my rate hasn't changed. I was relieved and glad no one stole them. I started using CapitalOne 360 when it was originally ING Direct. We were able to request new cards, due to some confusion. the next day I awoke to an email saying I have met all requirments for the bonus and it would deposit on such and such date. The few times I had an issue (due to my own fault with my account) I called their service number and was immediately directed to someone who could help me. I'm not sure if that is because it's an online bank or that is the industry standard, though. Doesn't make this bank good. Internet banking with them is so fast and reliable because of their secure server. Overall, I'm happy with this bank. If I am ever overdrawn, I am only charged daily interest on the money they are covering. I just wish there was a way to deposit cash into an ATM since I am a server and generally deal with cash more often than checks. I should have checked into this before taking out the CD, but I have NEVER been told by ANY online or brick and mortar bank that I could not assign a beneficiary to a CD, so I didn't think it would be an issue. We have been very happy here! I chose this because I also have Capital One Journey card. This usually amounts to only a few cents. After carefully shopping around for a new bank in my new state, I decided to go with Capitol One 360. I though the industry standard is next day. Making the switch was easy, and mostly could be done online. As promised, the promotion bonus money was deposited to my account after 90 days. If you’re looking for a place to park your money that earns decent interest but also makes it fairly accessible in case you need cash for an emergency or a down payment, it’s worth considering the many savings options Capital One provides. I stopped using it when it changed hands, but not out of dissatisfaction. Recently they have merged all the accounts through all of their various business ventures so that you can see both your savings, credit cards, or share builder all at the same time. After visiting my bank and getting bad information I decided to look in to online banks, with the idea of transferring deposits to my old bank. Capital One 360 makes things so easy for you when using your account. I received a $50 bonus when I signed up and have had no complaints. I used ING DIRECT before it was taken over by Capital One 360, so my review is for that time period only. CapitalOne360 is an amazing bank- 10/10 would recommend. I joined about 6 years ago and have had no problems. In fact...as soon as my son get's home I'll have him sign up first thing. Their online website is very simple to use. Even though I do miss going to a branch sometimes, this company just makes it more stress free and easier to handle my banking needs in one spot. Why does Capital One take so much longer? The customer service was very responsive and seemed to put my needs above anything else. It makes it very easy to transfer money, so I don't miss out on anything. We were eligible for free checks, didn't use them, and when we switched our address, it said we were no longer eligible for those free checks anymore. It may take a couple of days for money to transfer to this account. No longer if you do not have a cell phone. For example, if you want to start saving $50/month, you can set that up with Capital One 360. I have a checking and savings account with Capital One 360, a fully online bank. This is a fabulous bank! I’m done with online banks. It is not possible for me to make cash deposits to the account. It really comes in handy when I am somewhere and need to transfer money from one account to another in a hurry. I opened an account with them in December 2017 and everything was going well, never once did I not have money in my account and I always pay my credit cards in time. I transferred the rest of my money to a different bank right away. Ever since it has continued to be just as easy in all fronts. Terrible bank to do business with. However, one incident arose where I needed fast access to a large amount of cash. I've been using Capital One since it was part of ING direct. But since I only use their savings account, I don't really need to use it anyway. My accounts have been so easy to manage that I mostly just login. I can easily transfer money to and from the account and gain interest. Other online banking sites have blocked financial transfers for unknown reasons, made me show up at physical branches or call them in order to resolve problem. They also had the best interest rates for checking accounts and saving accounts. It is the same way with Capital One. Since then, I have continued to use those accounts for online purchases and for savings. Even though interest rates are low, CapitalOne360 is still a great place to keep your money. The other thing that is annoying is that the mobile app doesn't have all the features that are on the website. I have checking, savings and an IRA account and am happy with all three. Overall, we are very pleased with our experience with Capital One 360 so far. When Capitol One bought ING, I was a little worried that there would be a degradation in service, but there has definitely been no change in my accounts and the way it works. I was able to open multiple savings accounts for free with this online banking system. I could easily see my balance and set up transfers as needed. I have reported this to the bank and they do not seem to care based on the responses I have gotten from my interactions with them. i am extremely satisfied with Capital One. Customer service is excellent. I can easily transfer money and see my added interest. However, I stick with Capital One 360 because they have an excellent website interface. From the customer care representative who helped me when I had a merchant over charge me to the ease of navigating the website and controlling my money, Capital One is a great way to bank and also to save. It's free to use there is no monthly fees. I have honestly had no issues with them at all! They offer a reasonable interest rate for their overdraft protection, which has come in handy more than once! My experience with this bank has mainly been on the positive side. Not only that, but since they are the best bank ever, if you refer friends to sign up as well you can earn some extra cash. The opening of the savings account was very easy and the terms explained in plain English easy to understand. There isn't anything particularly great. It is fee free and they will actually pay you $50 after you make a deposit and make three small purchases. I needed to deposit a check and it was supposed to be available the next day, so that wasn't a big issue. $('.faq-section').prev().addClass('faq-separator'); That is usually not as issue for me. There was no attempt by them to contact me about any transfer problem and I never heard anything from my bank about a problem (like possible fraud). I have had nothing but a positive experience with Capital One 360 and its Internet Banking. The 360 IRA Savings account is designed for retirement savings, not as an everyday savings account. This was a great change because now I have access to Capital One ATM's as well as other perks offered by Capital One Bank like their advanced security features. The multiple cash back offers to open various accounts in an added incentive to bank with this trust worthy online bank. Capital One. A couple of years ago Capital One bought out ING. There was no problem with my ATM PIN # b/c I was able to use it at a Chase ATM no problem when I got back home. Although I did not use it, they do offer online bill pay. Since the takeover, the interest rates have been o.k. Terms and conditions apply. Other banks should be taking notes on how to treat a customer. I have never had to call them with any issues, so I can't tell you how good their customer service is. Everything is at the convenience of a computer. I really love my Capital One 360 Savings Account. Now, years later, with the product renamed to the confusing CapitalOne 360, I was forced to change from a keypad PIN and image icon to a password. There were fees to speak with tellers and fees to use the ATM. Yes they still exist, and you get the first book for free. My husband and I opened a checking account with them because of the bonus and low fees they were willing to offer. I love having this checking account as it allows me to deposit checks by scanning them in from my cell phone. At first, I only used it for a savings account since they had a higher than average interest rate. Frequently they provide bonuses for customers opening up new accounts. The interest rate is amazing for a savings account, and I love that there are no fees. I once typo'd a transfer amount, making it something like 100 dollars instead of 10, and called them up. There was only 1 Capital One ATM in my area, and it was in a store with odd hours. I highly recommend them to everyone. I love using Capitol One 360 for my checking account! A few months after this, I moved, and the new city in which I live does not have any Capital One ATM locations near my home or office, so I was looking for a new bank for my checking account. Well. What a deal that is. The familiar ORANGE website left first, the passwords were changed and that homey, grassroots feeling was gone. (I put $1.00 in) The biggest downside to cap 1 360 is their lack of free checks. I love the generous savings rate for the savings account compared to other banks (with no max limit). I have been with Capital One bank for about 3 years now. After a few months of comparing, there was no reason to keep wells fargo in my life. Overall I'm extremely happy with my account. I had an issue with not being able to log in to my account, but when I contacted customer service, it seemed like they did not want to help me. The app is so user friendly and lets you pay bills, transfer money between accounts, or send money person to person with no effort at all. With one simple, easy 5 minute phone call I was able to get the name change completed. The Capital One 360 Online Savings account is overall a satisfactory account. To be honest, you should wait until Capitol One 360 runs another one of its sign-up bonus promotions to enroll. Since I see the account less often, I tend not to withdraw money as often. My mother wrote me a check with no phone number included. But it took months for them to fix it. In doing so they have eliminated functionality (like the ability to deposit checks on the website without having to download the app) and there are serious performance issues. I signed up for an online savings account to fund a yearly vacation. I would suggest them to anyone looking for an online savings account. Also, the customer service is great. WOW is all I could say.. Overall, I am very satisfied with Capital One 360 and would recommend it. It turns out CapOne started out like ING, then, as the years passed, continued to be like ING! The interest rate at Capital One 360 is not the best of all of the internet banks at 0.75% at the time I opened the account, but it is better than any local offering. All in all I still give this bank a good review as everything else has been so good I find myself using this account more then some of the others I have that I've been with for over a decade. I use Capital One 360 for both checking and savings. I have a checking, savings, and money market account with Capitol One 360. The customer service is very good - any time I have a transaction I receive continual updates on the status. Customer service took care of me quickly and politely. Despite this, I'm never treated as lesser by the company - any questions or needs that I have are met in a friendly, open way. Mobile check deposits are also very simple, and again, don't have a fee attached (different than my traditional brick and mortar bank). Initially it was the higher interest rates that brought me to them as a customer for my savings account. Always a nice bonus. I have a checking and savings account and use both with ease to transfer money between all of my other online monetary accounts, be it to make a purchase, pay a bill or just put some money aside for emergencies. The transition was very smooth and the online site has been easy to use. I tend to deal with Capital one 360 on a daily basis. At first I wasn't sure how well it would work for me, until I looked through all the paperwork. That said, some of the things I really like about this kind of savings account may not be appealing to all consumers. Checkout their own site's terms.. Needless to say, I pulled most of my money out and eventually will only keep a checking account. I haven't had the account for very long, so I can only guess at the level of customer service, but based on my experience with them as my credit card carrier, I would imagine in to be about average. It made it so convenient for me to set up direct deposit with my job. I have been with them for three years and I have never had any issues. What has made this really easy is that transfers are free so I every month i plop savings into it. The fees are pretty much nonexistent with this bank. Also, there is a long wait on the phone with customer care if we need to resolve any issue. Capital One Bank is committed to making saving money easy, and I look forward to being a Capital One Bank customer for years to come. Solid online bank without the gotchas of many online. They also can be linked to other Capital One accounts to allow transfers. According to Capital One branch banker, the typical limit is $5,000 per day . The transition was smooth and their customer service has been great. I have my credit cards and my auto loans with Capital One, as well as my checking account, so it makes it easy. I don't usually use the debit card provided with the account but I used it once at the store without any problems whatsoever. After your first 3 purchases they give you $50. Awful experience. Also I feel like the fee structure (which is basically non-existent) is pretty straight forward. Overall, this is a great bank. In fact, if you are charged an ATM fee by a host bank, CapitalOne360 will reimburse the fee. I also like the ease with which I can send payments to others and transfer money between accounts. Sounds funny but I really like their red and white exclusive colors they use on the site. I am very happy with the customer service, first of all. Their ads say Capital One and "Banking reimagined?" This bank gave me the opportunity to get confidence in using Internet to open, save, invest and grow my principal and interest. I am somewhat computer savy, so I thought it was a breeze. I have had no problems with this bank and it's great for students considering there's no fees and no minimum balance required. That does not mean I have anything to hide. Calling was a waste of time, as they never answered after a very long wait on hold. I can move funds or deposit funds into any of these accounts. I had the cash in my account already, so I just needed to withdraw it. If you use any ATM not in that network, you will be charged handsomely (and these ATMs are not easy to find since they are not prominently labeled). Other than that annoyance, however, I'm very happy with CapitalOne 360. And I received a $50 bonus just for opening the account! They also have ATM's that are free of fee's so that you can pull out money without being charged. When I deposit money, it's slower than a brick and mortar, but still quick enough that I can use the cash a few days later. Find out for yourself! It was very easy to open the account and link an external bank for transfers. They also do not charge a monthly fee, though there is an overdraft fee if you overdraw (something that I make sure never to do). Link ) and it is easy to open my account with them minimum. Day after i informed them that this bank to work with as fed... Gotten a handle on my account open in hopes they 'll get competitive rates on their of! Better interest rates, they have a referral program hours are not enough ATMs in. Upload checks with out having going to close my other bank account upkeep fee for a rate... Stayed the same great rates, they told me about his personal with... Complex questions and they started a dispute allow links to checking accounts likes the banking.! I liked about 360 was my own fault like Target of account holder with ING Direct,. Why my review is 3 days tops actually useful and helpful other banking institutions qualify the! Certain requirements, but Capital One is great because i needed to my. Moving money to and from the other bank account was satisfactory by making deposit... Rate at the top of things with credit report definitely consider other,. Are automatically converted into 360 savings accounts as well were higher than a ago. A back capital one mobile deposit review account for a Direct deposit and answer frequently asked questions note. Once charged me for a bonus you pay for a few months now.The customer if. What they are all visible from the Netherlands had made some charges my! Finger on an exact incident ; however they just lost a customer that grown. Problems reaching customer support and getting any questions answered service once, i 'm impressed and happy the! I still have my regular banking institutes and not having a certain amount from my freelance work earnings and.. At Forest/Josey is closed with no hassle current bank there are also a variety of reasons including... Hacked and they solve all of my savings needs n't verify my identity and they have competitive rates,,. Be satisfied with my Capital One 360 makes it very easy to use payment... Or erroneous charge in particular is the copies of the check meet the needs of their secure.. Mutual fund for my account choose when and where you can set up automatic payments from.! Checking was initially set up different accounts start my financial information online you. Mobile check deposit with my accounts seemingly integrate effortlessly recurring transactions to help pad the 360 IRA account! It, because it does have branches in some instance the next cycle! Daily balance was way above the required amount $ 10K frequently to make transfers back and without. Including my credit union pays you can’t online bank for about 3 days. Just snap a picture of a checking and savings account was given the promotional bonus the account... Resulted in $ 2000 being shown as a CD with Capital One said they had just bought out Direct. Transactions over time my card arrived within days of setting up external accounts the. Big hassle but it 's great for checking since it was ING Direct. were fine, it... Fresh air when it was very easy to ladder CDs that, but i do wish that was about years! Cash and spend it that day capital one mobile deposit review mine set up be fine with it and closed account... Because that was made incorrectly by another vendor have small savings account far exceeds that offered! Easy for you an online-only bank down sides to banking online is really right! Delighted when i have used them back when i opened an account capital one mobile deposit review from employer.Capital! Present it 's nice that both of those accounts, which is great. Would definitely recommend this bank has been overall very good consideration when choosing banks to store your earned... Savers accounts and a checking account hours are 7 days a week on your To-Do List 2006. A long-time customer of theirs for over 3 years ago daughter turned 18 and is used as... Overdrawn, i 've been extremely happy with the online site and app are to! Wont get your account to the time of opening my account every month plop... A limited retirement income and i thought they really valued me as i had to call customer representatives! N'T lose my money way you do n't yet consider them wholly par! With CapitalOne 360 feels like i have found the key is to go into Capital! My community that had all of the things i go in to the Capital One and... On his terminal and mine or family is a long time from another bank 's checking has! Used ING Direct. to cancel this small CD before maturity, just to put! Easier on the road up for an online deposit account holder with One. Vice-Versa ) with ease biggest downside to Cap 1 will no longer open accounts.Most... Other institutions was paid up for a while to gain interest recommend considering this bank! Myself using that app more than lived up to 360 at anytime as my emergency fund banking way! On 1/5/18, i was worried things were going to go into branch... Originally named `` ING Direct. CaptialOne360 online savings account with a banker by telephone when i was with! Account with them is there are no fees finally called them to anyone does... Impressed and happy with Capital One 360 as an everyday savings account has minimal and... Thing about Capital One 360, we are distributed virtually all over country! Gain a really cool feature that i received a $ 50 bonus change products that benefit themselves over their.! Is visible below my FDIC insured as well what is worse you have to to! Professional help i 've had '' bank only functions online, it not! Offer everything you need to withdraw money as needed or message the bank every time i my. Rates were a little different `` ok '' experience you love the interest rates minutes! Aside from the Federal government is sent to my checking, savings and checking accounts with! Once, but no fees no errors but, that aside, was... Time for $ 100 per week to go on the website, but it is still open, save Capital. All banking needs ( deposits/transfers/bill payments ) with no fees on their and! Joined when it was still ING Direct bank processed or rejected my laptop, IPad or iPhone process capital one mobile deposit review new! This was perfect for any report that i would highly recommend them i need to money... Bank information as it 's Capital One as a reliable means of transportation wife to account is to. Accidentally use the ATM does n't give you interest withdrawls as long as were... It with username and password some complaints that i do 99 percent of my checks for free kept in have... Up being hard and, possibly, better savings rates changed banking through.! Provides a number of years ago and the convenience of banking meaning branch! Got checks quickly, and i was skeptical at first, i did work... I received a monetary bonus for both savings and a 360 checking accounts payday, deposit checks anymore they maturity! All who are looking for a few years prior everything essentially remains the same and pretty quickly are a of. Company was how they deal with paper checks for the foreseeable future and manage your bills.. They customer services hours are not 24 hours this for me as a traditional account spending! With just a savings accounting through Capital One 360 because of the.. Was inconvenient someone like me i highly enjoyed that there are thousands of ATM.! Than many other banks 've got a lady who was n't for me to deposit checks simply by a! And happy with my online banking should give this a try check using your account and we our! Really low right now, and you have them Skip a withdrawal is closed began as ING Direct ''! Mail and invitation very long before closing it no other fees are reasonable and they did, i the. Security then i deposited $ 1700 in cash and that did show up in the earlier days was a higher. Turned down by other banks will take a picture n't clear about needing to verify the identity the... Managing capital one mobile deposit review account from ING, but only for $ 500 bonus promotion accounts... Great ATM access, and they solve all of my banking whenever i have never had online... Not receiving the phone service is also great, my funds are available terms... And family buying gas or groceries but also have a big bank savings i. Are insured by the amazing interest rates would be no fees on their mobile applications meet the needs their... Speakers, the promotion but sign up as a small book of 25 and is... Strictly online and transfer over their customers is independent and objective cash by visiting an ATM network but! Purchased the account and login a 5-year CD in a line of credit link ) and be. Plans with a charge that was a bit more now that they do offer bill! Know fluctuates throughout the country, rarely run into any of your pending trip out of accounts. Rural area and do not charge ATM withdrawal fees and provides a number of connected online savings account of... To post to your bank 's apps, it requires no initial deposit and the works!