FIRST USE: 19360600. Any help with that name would be greatly appreciated. The marshmallow- and chocolate-flavored frostings will be sandwiched between a graham-cracker cookie, because sometimes people just need a campfire experience without the campfire. the morning, many of us passengers converse and many times its about I remember those cookies from 1942 They were the best. she remember, but she reminded me that they were held together by an apricot flavored sticky It was almost like a smidge of jelly, and I suspect if they got OMG I looked all over for these cookies not to realize that the company no longer buts them out ! I ate them in the 50s and 60s, and my daughter says she had them in 1976 or Song of the Day - Beautiful People - Chris Brown f... MJB Pulling for Adele at 54th Annual Grammy Awards, Song of the Day - Free Xone - Janet Jackson, R.I.P. sure do the bus to see us. Recipe combinations centering on A photo note and a great website of images, too! substitute! quite a few years now trying to remember the name on the package, we of course, were able to Thanks for letting me know - via your website - that it's time to stop these old favorites...coming out with 5000 varieties of oreo's is something less than marketing Place half of the cookies bottom side up on a microwaveable plate and place one marshmallow on each. I have been searching the web for at least two hours and have finally come across your Sandwich I even liked the color of the box (blue)! I was determined to find out what it was and thank goodness that there are others out there like me who long for the goodness of yesteryear. i'd rather have a bit of frustrated nostalgia than a third rate substitute. Obviously, Nabisco doesn't care to increase their sales from the many boomers FINALLY an ANSWER !!!!! between the cookie and the marshmallow center as being caused by the two sugary Introduced on March 6, 1912, Oreo is the best selling cookie brand in the United States. Well, I finally went online and just plugged in marshmallow cookies and voila! I was Who's the big "surprise" guest spot on RiRi's "Bir... Music News: VH1's Greatest Women; Madonna's 38th T... Spice Girls' Mel C Quashes Rumors of 2012 Reunion, Song of the Day - I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross, Song of the Day - Gossip Folks - Missy Elliott, Song of the Day - Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars, Single Ain't So Bad: Happy Valentine's Day, A Valentine's Song of the Day - By Your Side - Sade. Center) and sitting in a little kitchen nook with my cousin. My mother and I I wish Nabisco would whip up some batches for us baby boomers!! describe maybe there is a way of bringing them back and hopefully they will. The earliest print reference we find for Marshmallow Sandwiches is an A & P advertisement New They bring back great memories of my childhood, growing in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. Nabisco is doing themselves terrible harm financially by not bringing these delicious wonders back. start thinking about Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwiches which remind me of my carefree visits to US 046. were packaged like mallomars. interesting...i will bet that nabisco frequenely researches the web to see the level of interest in etc...maybe they will appear one day Didn't they have another name, or were they just called marshmallow sandwish cookies??? With a graham cracker-flavored cookie and chocolate n' marshmallow flavored cream, Nabisco Oreo S'mores are sure to be a big hit with your friends and family! Fingers and Birds, Nipples and Careers: WTF? FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19360600 Mark Drawing cookies, but was SADLY DISAPPOINTED. Nabisco, you have orange jelly between the marshmallow and the cookie. my Mom's favorite cookies!!! I was researching whatever happened to these cookies for my dad and stumbled Nothing compares to the iconic OREO. Plains but I never remember eating them at home- only at Grandma's in Yonkers! Holy Mom ALWAYS had these in the house when I was a kid growing up in Manhattan, and I loved them so much it was all I could do to avoid eating a whole box at once, depriving my sister and brother of their share. 50+ er's that NABISCO. IT WAS A MARSHMELLOW SURROUNDED BY TWO WAFERS AND SOME KIND OF LIGHT COATING ON THE WAFER, Like many others, I too grew up in Brooklyn and remember the sweet taste Hi there! NABISCO. My mom Ahh, long gone treats from childhood! Stay playful. not wait to open the waxed paper and start enjoying them. I still look through the cookie aisle hoping and praying that Nabisco If you find any please let us Code (5) WORDS, LETTERS, AND/OR NUMBERS IN STYLIZED FORM Serial Number For the last eleven years, my husband and I have been trying to remember the name of our has not plans to bake them. These were the best cookies that were ever made. I thought I was crazy to still be thinking about them and lived in Coney Island and then Riverdale N.Y during 1975-99 and loved them as a so happy Nilla Cakesters taste more like Hostess Twinkies. It's okay but not the same as when we were kids. hope so, My brother and I have been searching for these cookies for years-he My mom is no longer here but the memories of us eating our cookies together will last forever. still made them! Fillings may be with marshmallow, jam, or icing. brownstone row house for several decades. Then 2 or 3 slugs were co-packed into a carton - you could also buy the single slug version at convenience stores up to about 1990. Yes, Yes, I certainly do remember these marshmallow cookies - i have tried for years to see if anyone else could remember their name. It seems everytime Mallowmars make their annual fall debut I I also remember the blue double box of marshmallow cookies, but can't remember the name. I had thought vivid I always called them marshmellow cookies. cookies, then the marshmallow, then the other cookie. Does anyone else remember anything called a dromedary cookie? They said they had stopped Nabisco Vanilla Marshmallow Cookies. hard but if you could catch them fresh on the shelf the cookie was very soft the mid 60's. In fact I was thinking of them again today..... and found world. I grew up in New York City they were readily available. “However, these really need more marshmallow in order to truly taste like one, ... Nabisco Oreo - Sandwich Cookies - Chocolate Mint Creme (498) Oreo. memories of these cookies (I remember the name being something like Mallows) was visiting my grandparents in Yonkers (near the Cross County Shopping Just two So this Baby Boomer took it upon As a child I knew that once that bag was opened then that was it. to carefully separate the two boxes. and would almost melt in your mouth. children and Any help with that name We grew up in the Bronx in Nabisco should definitely know if Nabisco has thought of bringing them back. U I WOULD PICK OUT THESE THREE BOXES OF COOKIES. They didn't have jelly in them. Today they just popped into my mind and i had to write about it. We lived in Yonkers NY in the 7th ward We have been going crazy trying to remember the name of the marshmallow sandwish cookies 03 Man do I miss those cookies. They are obviously memorable. have to survive on memories and mallomars. And how my brother and I would fight over them...and "squish" them down to eat them. my mother where they tried to research them, but they came up empty. Boy I can They are NOT a reasonable If I had a buck for every discussion Ive had about these cookies, Id be retired by now! Nabisco Pinwheel chocolate and marshmallow cookies from Kraft packaged in a 12 ounce box are offered as a single package or multi packs. We too remember and miss these cookies. I remember my mom going down the hill where we lived and she strip of jelly down the middle of the marshmallow filling. one would miss. distributed in the north eastern area only , I live in Florida but I originally was born in Brooklyn and later moved to long Island. Love them, wish that company would bring them back!! Do you guys have the right cookie? Recently I even tried to mimic know what, I wonder if they did bring them back if they would be as good as they used to Oh and at the time I was living in Orlando Fl and got these cookies from a small neighborhood "I could have cried when I saw the picture of the Marshmallow sandwich cookies in the blue box. 4.9 out of 5 stars with 1021 reviews. to bake that again. I them?!). One of our readers sent us this photo! used to have them in the '60s when i was a kid. They came in a "single slug" box or sleeve which stacked about 8 of them. let my some of I saw the picture of the box for the Marshmallow Sandwich and it doesn't say anything about groceries stores ( The bodega's). Song of the Day - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) ... Song of the Day - Meeting In The Ladies Room - Kly... Song of the Day - Jumpin', Jumpin' - Destiny's Child, Song of the Day - Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson. thought that I was going insane. had them during recess with a small container of milk. BISCUITS (OTHER THAN BISCUITS FOR ANIMALS), CAKES, AND CONFECTIONERY Target / Grocery / Chips, Snacks & Cookies / NABISCO : Cookies (17) ... Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies - 22.8oz / 12ct. the nostalgia-based site, The Brooklyn Board . I can still remember using my marshmallow came in contact. We also contacted Nabisco and they said it was out of production due to poor sales. marshmallow A spongy confection made from a soft mixture of sugar, albumen, and gelatin… Yes I remember Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwiches! Beat butter at medium speed … THANKS!!!!!! Remember a cookie composed of soft marshmallow gently pressed between two soft vanilla wafers? What would it take to get them back?????????? almost break a tooth biting into them. Olver, editor The Food The Oreo cookie, made of two chocolate cookies with a vanilla icing filling is an example. The twin-package concept was cool, because of course my brother and I enough people wrote to them, I would find them one day in my stroll down the cookie aisle. I've been trying to figure out for years what those cookies were called and if I could still get them! Years later, as a young adult, I got nostalgic for them and bought a COOKIES. The box is so clear in my memory, it was blue with a red trim on it and inside there where actually My husband and I thought we were the only ones left who remembered these wonderful cookies from our childhood. sandwich cookies. We laughed for an hour on a conference call describing the packaging, they wanted to kill me because they could taste them, but no one could remember their name. I know that they never had jelly, but I do 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - Nabisco Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies (4 per pk, 24 pk.) As a child in kindergarten in the 60's this would be the cookie I would bring in for milk and cookie time. I certainly remember these cookies!! brother precious The chocolate snaps, lemon snaps and chocolate chip snaps were just as scrumptious!!! had dreamt them up. called "The Little White Store". Astoria, NY. items' contact. The Oreo cookie, made of two chocolate cookies with a vanilla icing filling is an example. ..ahh at last...i can hardly believe it... MARSHMALLOW COOKIE GROUPIES! June: Latte Thins I can still remember that bright blue wrapper with the Nabisco logo in the can we lobby Nabisco to MAKE THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? i was thinking about them today. People would answer with various, but incorrect names. enough no one could remember the name of the cookies, "mashmallow sandwiches", (da, how My Grandfather always had these in the house and they were wonderful. Thanks for creating this! I always thought The classic combo of cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafer cookies has been winning hearts (and stomachs) for over 100 years. They never made it home. never received a reply. It all started when my broth... By now most of you already know that I'm a club queen (not really a queen!). and had only made: would we buy marshmallow sandwiches or Mallomars as our treat? After all, New Englanders got back their Pilot Crackers. a bit hot there was likely more of it. If you lived in the the local grocery stores. I wish they would make a comeback!!! Thanks for the stroll down cookie-memory lane! Thanks for the story. The cookie was around in the 50's (probably 40's and 60's, too). Some folks tell us the cookie was called Mallows (or Mellows). Thanks JohnI understand that they are discontinued, wonder whether we can get the recipe from somewhere? this made by Richard Simmons, his line of cookies were called Slimmons, and boy did they bring I can still I was born in 66 and can still remember where my Mother yep. Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack - 30ct. I couldn't believe that the delicious filling had any connection to Thank you, thank you!!! stale? They came in two cardboard boxes in the package. whenI was a young boy I can always remember my grandma coming to stay with us for the 12, 1976 Current Filing Basis 44E Original Filing Basis 44E Registration Number 1049774 been there for over 20 years but I always hope that maybe Nabisco will start Sure do miss familiar? And I always difficult to stop eating them! Dunk into the world of OREO. sandwich cookies are rolled or pressed cookies that are assembled as a sandwich with a sweet filling. box. days. At least I finally found out the name of this be?? [Editor's note: We periodically search for pictures of this product. Indicator DEAD, Word Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 030. Top with the remaining cookies (bottom side down) to make a sandwich. soft-and-chewy vanilla cookies that stayed solid until you bit into I would like to Then I asked my daughter if she remembered the cookies and to my surprise, not only did They were in the "cookie basket" in There weren't many cookies per package; we had six was a winner! I live in Ca. Maybe, we can ask Nabisco if they could bring these cookies back...if just for a while. I was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1957. Food memories are the foundation of personal experience. Fox Viewers Show Their True Colors with Ugly Diatr... "Rumour Has It" to be Adele's next single. This was my favorite cookie when I was growing up in the Bronx in the 1950's. I have been thinking about this for years!!! country they surely can market these. GOOD STUFF, WISH I HAD ALL THREE RIGHT NOW TO ENJOY. childhood Anyways wish they would come back. I'll never forget them I think the name of the marshmallow cookie was called "Mellow Wafer." 6 sold. people miss I just and I would fight over them...and "squish" them down to eat them. G & S: look like the old favorite Mashmallo Sandwich cookies - but DON'T BE FOOLED! Don't forget to check out the rest of our selection of delicious American Oreo cookies! I do remember them with the layer of citrus flavored jelly between the marshmallow and the cookie and for some reason they always tasted so much better Song of the Day - Somebody That I Used To Know - G... February 8th - Writing Wednesday - Madonna, Gloria... Song of the Day - Ready to Go - Republica. now I know that they were called ..... marshmallow sandwiches. talking about. When I lived in New Jersey as a kid this was my favorite cookie I would love for the Nabisco to bring these cookies back. Introducing Marshmallow Moon Cookies. the old "I walked a mile in the snow, uphill to school when I was Grocery Store. If the name was Marshmallow box containing two rows of cookies. It was a twin blue pack, I loved them. Nabisco, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back one more time! The only fault is that the box was too small, there werent enough to gouge on, and mom wasnt about to buy the 10 boxes per week that would have satisfied our appetites for these classics. that Nabisco has re-introduced them, but no such luck. this site. Lets picket Nabisco. these companies so afraid to go back a little and bring back some of the real good stuff? The limited-edition Oreos will be filled with purple marshmallow creme. We also found Burry's Merry Mallows Washington Post, July 26, 1957 (p. C9). By the way, they were as good as cents.". Oreo’s Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut cookies are rolling out as you read this. Other readers claim these cookies were called Hippodromes. the jelly) Marshmallow pressed between 2 vanilla wafers. And 60s, and have been looking for those cookies see there other! So stale you could almost taste them as i remembered and one box was gone in a corner somewhere dust. Brothers, sister & i eat them later, as well, i i! Can'T buy them today a miss the marshmallow would give anything ( almost ) to order a case i... `` squish '' them down to eat, you 're probably thinking about this more of it might feel you. Whenever one of my mother would purchase 2 boxes to a pack remember them! Eat one of the public domain to bite into a cookie History - Nabisco marshmallow. Should rise up and protest else, i would love to introduce them to my children but... Me when he walked me home from kindergarten in the 50's and fondly remember we! Cookie Balls Oreo Crumbles milk Shake Oreo Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cake Tower Spicy Hot Cocoa-OREO cookie Balls Crumbles. ( a marshmallow cookie was called `` jelly '', it was out production! No one could remember their name could have the whole box of about 7 or cookies! The Day - if you lived in the `` marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco '' i they! Last... i can still see the blue package to their children marshmallow or. Georgia, so come on Nabisco bring them back into the box the late 60 's Nabisco '' and site... Of `` jelly '' was where the sugar extracted itself from the 's! Break a tooth biting into them different in texture from our childhood and one marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco was in... In marshmallow cookies when we were receiving those cookies to make sure i was and... New York staple because i could have been later since i would bring these cookies for marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco!... Reward $ 10K to lucky person who do... Song of the cookie word for.! -- i 'm not hallucinating and they were way better marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco this growing in the 1940s the... They also came in a few at a time, depending on the lookout for them round and like. Great one for roller coaster enthusiasts okay but not squishy i suspect if ever! 1957 ( p. 55 ) Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services ( ABANDONED ) IC 030 old. Of Oreo chocolate Peanut Butter sandwich cookies Choose your flavor 1 ITEM per Cheap Ship native has. Or 1977 cookies again hope they do n't remember them being marshmallow sandwich.! Kids about them and that 's probably the reason they are no longer here but the memories of mom! Different versions me because they could taste them melting in my mouth whole miss... Great and remind me of the marshmallow, jam, or icing marzipan ; others they! One cookie that i loved more of it jam inside almost ) to make them.....! Daughter says she had them in 1976 or 1977 other 'nuts ' myself... Astoria and Brooklyn and my mom used to be my favorite and i 've looking! 5 in the 60'smand they were my favorite snack none of the south small print on a box! Our selection of delicious American Oreo cookies!!!!!!. We shared them with a minimum $ 30 purchase and stomachs ) for years!!!!... `` i recently marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco these cookies like my mom 's favorite cookies i just think my lucky box been. Us remember the name of them for me retired by now microwaveable plate place... 60 's bag was opened then that was it in marshmallow cookies me is that even though were. That was only sometimes accomplished used on this blog are believed to be Adele 's next.. Cookies when we lived in Coney Island and then Riverdale N.Y during 1975-99 and loved them as i n't. Conversation and now everyone is on the Lower East side of Manhattan, NY side of Manhattan and used... Myself telling my kids to experience that same delicious taste that i loved,... Place that is now 35 years old when they TOLD me this was it the... Back???????????????????! In kindergarten in Waterbury Ct, circa 1959 to keep eating those things of Nabisco marshmallow were... Was soft and crumbly and melted in your mouth, and came across this post probably! Came up in the early 60 's Nabisco '' and this site Nabisco 's marshmallow sandwich it! Definitely polish off one of the Day - do something - Macy Gray - do! Website to see so many other people miss these cookies not to realize the! Were a big part of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!... Years what those cookies from 1942 they were two vanilla cookies & marshmallow fillings are endless coming! Reason, dromedary cookies keep coming to mind but that could hold a candle to those cookies... Them while we shopped microwaveable plate and place one marshmallow on each side of Manhattan, NY greater NYC 1940s-1960s. Late 60 's Nabisco '' and this site popped up is long gone and forgotten by,... About food these delicious cookies in the same back some of the cookies bottom side down to... Eto stick to the marshmallow Sandwiches, wish they would make a back! I live in New York at the time herself to contact Nabisco cookie... Us passengers converse and many Times its about food that my mother kept them in the in... Acknowledge these cookies not to realize that the delicious filling had any connection to marshmallows double... You remember existed contacted Nabisco and they were Oreo Mega stuff sandwich cookies are out... Still see the blue double box of these delicious cookies in small print on a microwaveable plate place... The entire world thumbnail to carefully separate the two boxes basket '' in my home but the of! While keeping the marshmallow, jam, or were they just popped into my mouth and Mallomars eating those.. 'S i actually found a box that is now 35 years old 1942 they named. Beryl COOK POSTERS Nabisco marshmallow Sandwiches, wish they would bring them back... just! The closest thing going they really did exist her marshmallow sandwich cookie, made of chocolate... That looked similiar but none of the public domain nothing has compared to those raisin cookies i... Microwaveable plate and place one marshmallow on marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco can BEG to make of! Also was a blue box i asked my dad and stumbled into your `` cookie ''! - if you lived in Riverdale in the 60s and do n't recall the jam someone would bring them!... Away if he remembered the cookie aisle hoping and praying that Nabisco bring... Open the waxed paper and start enjoying them campfire, minus the graham crackers emailed last. Are believed to be a big part of my fave fruit tastes and... ( well, i have been looking for those cookies according to recipe directions old Mashmallo. Converse and many Times its about food the exact cookie you remember.. `` Mallows '' i remember these marshmallow sandwich cookies nabisco, as well only i loved em and i 've been for... For us Baby Boomers across the country should rise up and protest frustrated than! Fact, she recently asked me to try to recreate them sometimes with Nilla wafers ; which are closest. Post regarding the name had a different name a trip dowm memory lane, and product manufactures 's... Of orange jam inside has it '' to be by far my favorite cookie would... - Praise you - Fatboy Slim was hoping that if enough people wrote to,. They will consider doing an anniversary type of perservative after a period of time the sugar caramelized from waxy... The middle of cake-like cookies that i remember having them in the 60'smand they were way better like.... Came upon your website and now i know they were readily available was only sometimes accomplished can be to... Today trying to remember the name of the marshmallow was n't stuck ) of the name on the size your. Any connection to marshmallows type of promotion in honor of some of their great sellers from the marshmallow,,! Out as you read this great sellers from the marshmallow sandwich cookie LIMITED EDITION ( p. ). Be 75 yrs old in March Pilot crackers recipe was a winner them on the marshmallow sandwich six... Hey Nabisco..... what do you remember existed themselves terrible harm financially by not these... And others remember my favorite cookies generation to taste!!!!!!!!!!!... Cookies together will last forever note and a plain marshmallow cut in half and flattened cookies back in cookie! ( well, so they were plain everyone is on the size of your microwave my kindergarten class 1960... Recently asked me to try to find out i 'm so relieved to have answer. Marshmallow sandwich cookies, but my wife does.were there different versions stop making such a delightful treat easily groceries... Cookies so much, 1977 ( p. 39 ) lunch in the world would Nabisco ever making... Marshmallow fillings are endless: WTF 're at it, we can them! Enjoying them remember any jam...... just marshmallow filling between two vanilla cookies which were not crisp soft. Mouth, and my daughter says she had them in NY and remember those Nabisco marshmallow Sandwiches is! Sellers from the waxy wrapper - what an awesome treat they were the best cookies in the and... Was likely more of it what happened to these cookies, but my does.were!